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Do You Know When You Should Plan For Another Baby After C-section ?

Are you thinking about getting pregnant again? Especially after having undergone a C-section? Whether it is your normal delivery or c-section, a proper interval in both pregnancies is very important and you should understand why doctors recommend having an interval before your second pregnancy!

Most doctors will recommend you to wait for six months to conceive after having a c-section. In fact, it would be even better to give a year's interval before you conceive again. This time-lapse gives enough time to recover from wounds and incisions that arise during delivery. Moreover, the healing period is a crucial time to get proper treatment. 

The more you give time to your body, the stronger and healthier you will be, especially if you are trying to give birth to your second infant by normal delivery. Even if you are not considering undergoing normal delivery, it would be better to give one-year interval so that you can heal and recover from the wounds and incisions of your past surgery.

What are the benefits of waiting for a while before your second pregnancy?
1.For adequate treatment 

You may find 12-18 months waiting period a long one, but if you have given birth to a healthy baby, it has a very profound effect on the mother's body. You lose lots of nutrition and your body needs time to get it again. Also, in most C-section delivery, women undergo more bleeding than normal delivery, thereby threatening them with blood loss.

2.To avoid health risks

There are many pieces of research, which show that after undergoing C-section, a mother can have many health problems. As soon as delivery gets done, it can cause a ruptured uterus and it can put them at high risk of premature delivery. It also has the potential for the birth of such a baby, whose weight is low.

4.You can make the right plan

You can maintain yourself in a proper position by planning a better life and better future without any major health risks. This 18-month period gives you enough time to plan ahead, relax, recover and enjoy motherhood with your existing baby. You can plan the birth of the next baby at the right time.

5.Improving health

By breastfeeding for nine months of pregnancy and infant, there is a decrease in important nutrition from your body, such as iron element and folate. If you are pregnant again in a short time frame, especially without re-acquiring those elements, it can affect the health of you and your baby.

What is the risk of early pregnancy after c-section?

Some research supports the evidence of this, which can increase the risk of giving birth within a year after C-section.

1.Placenta Previa

Women with the first baby c-section have a risk of placental joining the uterine wall itself, thus covering the cervix partially or completely.

2.Placental Abruption

After the C-section, the short time interval between both pregnancies may put you at risk of falling apart from the placenta or separating from the uterus of the placenta, which can be a serious problem.

The greater risk of urine rupture is a very dangerous risk of normal delivery after a C-section. Especially if both pregnancies have a very limited timeframe. However, the probability of this is very low that you have to pull with your C-Type VBAC. Then its probability increases with short time intervals.

3.Low weight at birth

Women who have a C-section and they soon become mothers, they give birth to 2.5 kg of baby.

What if I get pregnant soon after the C-section?

If you are pregnant before the suggested time, try not to freak out because there are many such women, who got pregnant soon after delivering a baby. Both the mother and babies are completely healthy and safe. Under the supervision of an experienced doctor, you can get a second healthy pregnancy. Also if you are over 35, it would be better if you conceive and do not wait too much because of the risk of getting pregnant with age increases. Consult your doctor if you want to determine your pregnancy according to your age.

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