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Do You Know What Your Baby Dislikes?

Pregnancy is not just the mother getting pregnant. It is a bond that connects a woman to her man forever. The mother is very conscious of the way she takes care of herself and the father ensures that the mother is happy and safe.He takes her to visit the doctors and stays with her through her scans. Then they discuss the plenty possibilities of names for the baby!

But did you ever think what your baby feels about all this in the womb? That’s because there’s absolutely no memory of it and there’s no proof of those memories. Nothing can stop the mother from having cute thoughts about her baby!

But do babies like it? Do they like what they hear? Do you think your baby likes that chocolate chip cookie that you keep eating?

You’ll only know all this through an ultrasound! By looking at your baby’s movements in the scan, it is possible to find out what your baby likes and dislikes. You can see if your baby is happy or anxious but only through her cute expressions.       

Here are a couple of things your baby doesn’t like:

1.Mommy, please don’t laugh loudly!

Studies show that during pregnancy the embryo’s reactions can be seen in the scan. Usually, if a mother laughs out loud, then it kind of disturbs the baby slumber. Also, while laughing the mother’s stomach moves up and down too! It isn’t very pleasing for the baby as he feels disturbed.

2.Mommy, please don't get startled!

Babies feel a jerk when they hear sudden loud sounds or when the mommy jumps or changes her position.Just like the way we get annoyed when we get startled, similar way, babies too get startled and don’t like it so much.

3.Mommy, you change so many positions!

Just like the way it disturbs the baby when mommy laughs. In certain positions, it doesn’t allow the baby to move about freely. It reduces the room inside do any activity and thus they feel uncomfortable.

4.Mommy, loud sounds are scary!

Just like the way constant loud sounds disturb our state of mind, babies hate it too. This will probably happen when you’re watching your favorite T.V show or listening to your favorite song on the radio.

5. Mommy, why do you touch your belly a lot?

Touching the bump constantly is natural for a mom to do to check the baby’s response. This is a great way to excite and bond with the baby.When the baby kicks your tummy touch that part of the belly where you felt the kick and see their reaction. If you feel his kicks after that means he wants to play and if not, he wants to be alone.

6. Mommy, don’t get so stressed!

Mommies take a chill pill because your baby doesn’t like you getting stressed. When you get stressed, your body releases cortisol it produces weakness and fatigue. This also happens when the mother feels depressed. So, mommies always keep a smile on your face...because you baby loves seeing you happy! 

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