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Do You Know What Happens To Your Baby If You Cry During Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman is always advised to be happy. It is said that during this phase, a woman undergoes many mood swings, emotional and physical disorders. Sometimes she’s happy and cheerful and the other days she’s an angry and cranky bunny! Then there the rest of the women who cry. They cry and cry and cry without a reason. That’s probably because they get super emotional during pregnancy.         

Every doctor recommends that a gonna be mommy should be happy no matter what. It is very good for the baby and your health too! Did you know that crying during pregnancy does more harm to your health than your baby?

1.If you have been crying your guts out during your pregnancy, it is hurting your child. Of course, nobody would like to see a mommy cry, not even your little one. If you cry, then he cries too! 

2.It has been found in a research that women who are more stressed during pregnancy and cry more, it is likely that they would give birth to a colicky baby.

3. Now you know why colicky children cry so much! Crying during pregnancy stresses out the little one growing in your womb too. It is natural for a pregnant woman to feel unhappy or even upset because of the sudden random mood swings.

4.So if you feel like crying during pregnancy and you begin feeling stressed out, then start taking this matter seriously. Try to focus your attention on things that make you happy like maybe think about your baby and all the delicious food treats you’re going to be eating.

5. If you are alone at home and you’re feeling anxious or if there’s something bothering you, then you should call some friends or family and talk to them. This will make you feel better.

6. Apart from this, you can go out and watch your favourite movie. Apart from this, you can read some books that make you feel positive. 

We hope that these tips help you have a happier pregnancy! 

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