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Do You Know The FASTEST And The EASIEST Way To Get Pregnant?

If you’ve been waiting to conceive, but you’re still under a cloud of confusion about the PERFECT time to get pregnant, don’t worry, you’re not the only ones! A billion other couples have absolutely no idea when it comes to finding the right time to make a baby. Since they’re clueless about it, they feel frustrated and dejected because of it. 

What’s more confusing is, the female reproductive system as it is kind of complicated. Due to this, many educated people also end up relying on the different sources like elders, peers and of course...the internet!

Why is conceiving difficult?

Blame the changing lifestyle for being unable to conceive. Most of us are under great stress, late marriage, poor dietary habits, frustration in marriage etc… Other biological reasons why you’re unable to make a baby could be:


-Erectile dysfunction (ED)

-Over 30 years of age



-Quality and quantity of sperms


-Irregular periods


-Absence of periods

-Hormonal imbalance

-Age over 30 years

-Thyroid conditions

-Clogged fallopian tubes

-History of miscarriages

Now that you know what are the possible reasons for being unable to conceive, today, we’re going to tell you the best and the easiest ways to get pregnant!

1.Find out when EXACTLY you ovulate

On an average, a healthy woman can easily conceive during the time she’s ovulating. A normal period cycle comes up to about 28 days and ovulation roughly begins on the 14th day of the cycle. The egg released by the ovaries travels down the fallopian tubes and if it gets fertilized, it gets implanted on the wall of the uterus and...voila!! You have a baby growing inside you!

2. Conception rates are highest right before your ovulation starts

The male sperm can sustain in your body for about 3 days after intercourse, but the egg lasts for only about 12-24 hours after it has been released. So, having some lovemaking sessions as soon as your periods are over. It gives you a good window to get positive results as the sperm can easily reach the fresh egg released by your body!

In addition to this, it is essential that you get your daily dose of exercise and meditation. If you’re trying really hard to get pregnant, stop smoking and drinking for effective results! Try to follow these steps and let us know if it helped you conceive easily! 


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