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Do You Know That Your FLOOR CLEANER is DANGEROUS For Your Baby

Once you have a baby, your house might seem a lot more messy and dirtier than before. The reason being, you’re unable to give time to your house as you’re busy looking after your little one.

As time passes, watching your baby growing is one of the best things for a mother to see. At first, she sits without support, then she begins crawling and soon she becomes a playful little munchkin who loves her soft toys.

When you see her stuffing her favourite bunny in her mouth, you often must have tried to stop her from doing so. Unconsciously, you’re aware of the dust, dirt and toxic elements present around your baby and it can harm them.

To avoid your baby being contaminated with all the allergens, dust, and dirt molecules, you take serious action by scrubbing every corner of your house with strong cleaners. But do you realise that you’re causing more harm to your baby by using strong chemically infused cleaning agents? Products like floor cleaners especially contain a lot of chemicals which have a negative impact on the baby’s health. Harsh household cleaners can cause irritation in the baby’s eyes, air passageways and skin.

What are the effects of chemicals on your baby’s health?

Household cleaners are made in such a way that they have very strong and pungent ingredients which ensure that your house is sparkling clean.

Since your baby spends most of her time on the floor playing and crawling, the household cleaners you use to remove tough stains aren’t so safe after all.

Let’s see the numerous ways your baby is getting affected by all these harmful chemicals in your floor cleaners:


Your baby’s skin is soft and very sensitive. Studies have found that using common floor cleaners to wipe your tiles contain harmful allergens and irritants which cause skin irritation leading to Eczema.

2.Air passage irritation:

The fumes released by your floor cleaners are so powerful that if your baby inhales them, it can pose a serious threat to your baby’s respiratory tract. It can lead to serious respiratory conditions like allergy, asthma, wheezing and coughing.

3.Irritation of the eyes

You must have noticed your baby rubbing her eyes often while playing on the floor. This is probably due to the fumes of the floor cleaner entering her eyes. Soon, your baby’s eyes will begin watering and you’ll observe a strange redness in their eyes. Some floor cleaners can pose extreme threat to the baby’s eyes as they could cause some permanent damage to them.


Some researchers have said that floor cleaners have a long-term risk of developing allergies in children. Children develop a condition in which they cannot tolerate or cope up when they are exposed to germs. It causes the abnormal development of their immune system. Instead of helping them fight against toxins, the immune system becomes more sensitive and overreacts to common allergens like pet dander and pollen.


Every year, there are millions of cases of children under the age of 5 being poisoned by accidentally swallowing household cleaners. Since their immune system is still developing, they cannot tolerate it.

6.Other health effects:

Most house cleaners have a fragrance which is composed of chemicals like phthalates. Studies have found that there is a connection between phthalates and disrupted hormonal levels.

How to counter the effects of floor cleaner on the baby’s health?

As parents, you need to be aware of products that are baby friendly. When you buy household supplies, read the label and ingredients used to make the products. This way you’ll have a better insight into what’s REALLY safe and what’s bad for your baby. By practising these simple child-safe cleaning, you can keep your home clean as well as your baby safe from the unnecessary and harmful effects of the floor cleaner.

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