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Do You Have A Stomach Ache Right After Having Sex

stomach ache after sex

After some delightful time in the sheets, when you’re wrapped in his arms and you’re about to fall asleep, experience a sudden stinging ache in your stomach. A pain so bad that it almost makes you regret having done the deed.

If you’re wondering why you’re experiencing pain after having sex, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to help you understand the various possible reasons for it to occur:

1.You’re Not In The Mood

After having sex you may have a stomach ache because you were not ready to have sex. When you aren’t in the mood, your vagina won’t get wet naturally. Due to this, you may have a stomach ache while having sex and after doing it. You can ask your husband to engage in some foreplay before you get it on!

stomach ache after sex

2.You Have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

After sex, you may have pain in the stomach if you have pelvic inflammation (PID). This PID disease is caused by Sexually Transmitted Disease, Chlamydia, due to the PID, your Uterus and the Fallopian tube gets swollen and this causes you pain in the stomach after sex.

3.You Have Vaginismus

This is a condition when your vagina masks are tight when you are having sex. If you have trouble, it may be very difficult to insert a penis into the vagina, and this will not allow penetration, and there will be tension in the relationship. There are a few reasons for this: the fear of penis going up in the vagina and the vaginal discharge.

stomach ache after sex

4.You Have Cyst Or Fibroid

Fibroids are those non-cancerous tumours that are found in your Uterus. These are very common and there is no danger to them. Most of the cysts are in your oven. Sometimes both cysts and fibroids can cause shortness of breath, especially after sex. Fibroids can cause a lot of bleeding during periods. Contact your doctor in such a situation.

5.You Are Pregnant

The first sign of pregnancy is a pain in the stomach. If you have pain in the stomach after having an orgasm, it proves that you’re going to be a mommy! Pain in this condition can be very light but it will be enough to discomfort you.

Read this post and understand the cause of your stomach ache, as well as share it with other women and share your problems with us in the comment below!

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