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Do you Also make These Common Mistakes during Your Heavy Periods?

common mistakes during periods

Periods are a painful time for every woman every month! This phase is full of stress and pain for the woman. Apart from this, there tend to be a lot of changes in the nature of women during periods. Women go through tension, irritation and a lot of troubles at this time and women have to take special care of themselves. Even though women may take great care of themselves at this time, there are some mistakes that may inadvertently cause harm to women's health. Today, through this blog, we are going to tell you about few common things that you need to keep in mind during your period.

1. Unprotected Sex

During periods, if you have sex without a condom, it puts you at the risk of infection. So stay away from sex or unprotected sex especially during this time.

2. Do Not Care About Pads

Do not take any risks with your sanitary napkins during your periods. You must change your pad every three to four hours. Keep the pad for a long time will increase the risk of infection. If you change the pad every few hours, you will not only stay away from the infection but will also stay away from the trouble of bad odour.

common mistakes during periods

3. Do Not Skip Meals

In the days of Period, the woman's body is very weak and in this case, the woman should take special care of her diet. Do not skip food during your periods. Although women get so busy at work that they leave their meals. If you too are doing something like this then it is absolutely wrong, because doing so will not only increase your cramps. Rather, you can also have experience weakness. So eat at the right and be healthy.

4. Make The Right Choice Of Clothes

The right choice of clothing is important during the periods. Dress as comfortable as possible, don’t wear tight clothes and definitely not the light colours. Choose loose clothing and dark clothes.

common mistakes during periods

5. Do Not Work Too Heavy

Stay away from manual labour such as lifting, exercising or running during periods. This can increase the chances of pain and cramps in your back and your problems may increase further during periods.

6. Do Not Get Threading Or Waxing Done

It is absolutely wrong if you are thinking of threading or waxing during the periods. Stay away from these things at this time, if you do waxing or threading during periods, the pain will be higher than normal days, because at this time your skin becomes more sensitive.

If you have more problems during periods, then relax as much as you can and keep these things in mind. Apart from this, if you have a problem related to periods, do not ignore it completely and contact your doctor. 

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