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Do Genders Develop Motor Skills Differently?

Gender and Motor Skills

As your little one grows - there is so much developing in their body, mind and soul. When they say their first word, walk their first step or show their first glimpse of thought - all parents feel the warmth of that progress. Motor skills are a part of this feeling of lovely parental warmth.

Gender and Motor Skills

What are Motor Skills?

Motor skills are a groundwork for more complex tasks of a physical nature. This includes various related activities like sports, writing, fitness, playing an instrument, etc. So, those times you caught them reaching out or sprinting after a butterfly- it was a time of motor skills development.

Motor skills are tested through trough two tasks i.e. product or process-oriented activities.

- quantitative or product measure the motor skills for distance and time. This is a skill of knowing “how much” of something is there.

- qualitative or process measures how the motor skills are performed.

Gender and Motor Skills

Do Genders Develop Motor Skills Differently?

Yes and no.

Motor skills have been tested through the above ways between growing girls and boys. The following are the conclusions that have come out from these studies:

1. There is strong evidence that more object control performance in motor skills is present for boys. This means motor skills like throwing, catching, or kicking is done better by boys.

2. On the other hand, locomotor skills still remain a debate. Some studies say the differences are absent - while some say either gender develops faster than the other. These motor skills include jumping, sprint running, hopping and side-galloping.

4. When it comes to size and strength - boys naturally tend to outperform girls in motor skill activities.

Gender and Motor Skills

5. Yet, later in life, some motor skills are same while only some are widened in their difference.

In the end though, early interventions and practices can easily improve your little one’s motor skill development. (link) Due to their young age in development, you can make sure little one is having a time of their life - be it jumping the ropes or climbing the jungle cage in the parks! 

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