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Do Dads Pamper Kids More? Here's what Kajol has to say

Being a working mom is tough, and it requires the cooperation of the entire family. Naturally, the dads have to take up responsibility too, and in this regard, Kajol and Ajay Devgn form an interesting parenting duo.

Kajol has admitted that her husband Ajay Devgn is better at pampering their kids, and that she is in fact, the stricter of the two. Kajol on the other hand, does admit that she pampers her children, but with limits. She likes to maintain a strict routine for her kids - monitoring their eating and sleeping.

Photo: Kajol on Instagram

As an actress and a mother of two - Nysa, 15, and Yug, 7, Kajol has multiple responsibilities - acting, taking care of the kids, managing a home, and more. Naturally, she has a routine set out for her kids so as to make things easier. Ajay Devgn on the other hand, she claims, “is better at pampering the kids.”

Photo: Ajay Devgn on Instagram

Pampering the Kids

It is only normal in a parenting duo, for one parent to be more strict and the other to pamper the kids. This gives the kids a healthy balance so that they’re not subject to only strictness, or indulgence.

Strictness in some areas and to some extent, is necessary because it helps working moms keep a tab on their kids, and check bad behaviour before it has a chance to grow. After all, our parents’ firm hand is what made us behave, and it doesn’t hurt to be firm with the kids every once in a while.

Photo: Ajay Devgn on Instagram

But strictness without the pampering and love of a parent is incomplete. This is what the parenting duo has mastered over the years - with a strict mom who makes sure everything works out as well as a dad to balance this by pampering the kids.

The balance is crucial. So, are you the strict parent or the pampering kind? Could you also be both? 

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