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Do Babies Poop Inside The Womb?

Childbirth is a tough task for every mother as she has to undergo immense pain to bring in the biggest joy of her life into the world. Given a choice, most women wish to stay pregnant as it is easy to deal with. But having a baby in your life and holding her close to your heart is one of the best feelings ever! 

To be honest, babies have a very mystical presence in the world. They’re present but nobody can see them until they’re born! They are super active and want to explore their surroundings even if they’re in their mommy’s womb. They do a lot of activities like kicking, turning, sleeping and of course, moving about in the womb.

Finally, when it is time for the little baby to enter the real world, moms either opt for a normal delivery or a cesarean delivery. However, there was this one woman who was advised by her doctor to go for the C-section method of delivery. The reason was absolutely shocking- the baby had pooped in her womb!!

This is something so rare and unheard of, isn’t it mommy? Do you think babies really poop inside the womb? Do you think your baby can do something like this?? Read on to find out the reality behind your baby’s first pooping episode! 

Can my baby Pee in my womb while I’m pregnant?

Factually speaking, babies receive nutrition and oxygen in the womb through the placenta. According to studies, an unborn baby can pass urine one he crosses the 10-week mark. The baby is able to pee because he ingests a lot of fluids inside the womb.

Through this, he is not only able to taste what the mommy has been eating but also derive nourishment from it. Therefore the baby pees in the womb. However, it is very likely that the baby would have swallowed his urine whilst still being inside the womb. Since the urine is sterile, it is not harmful to the baby.

Can my baby poop inside my womb?

Now that we know of the baby’s peeing habits inside the womb, pooping too is another way of ejecting unwanted matter from the body. The placenta filters 99% of all the waste matter and sends it out to the mommy to be excreted out. Anyhow, the baby may have swallowed intestinal cells, lanugo (tiny hair which covers the baby’s body), bile juice, mucus etc and it must have got retained in the baby’s small intestine.

This collected matter inside the baby’s womb turns into green thick matter called ‘Meconium’. Technically, it is also called as the baby’s first poop. Usually babies poop in 1-2 days post birth, but sometimes due to stress, they might just poop right inside their mommy’s womb! 

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