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DIY Pregnancy Test Kits You Can Make at Home

Home-made pregnancy test kits are the non-medical ways to test for pregnancy. They have been in use long before modern scientific pregnancy check kits were developed.

Home-made pregnancy tests are especially helpful in checking for an unplanned pregnancy, obliterating the hassle to get a pregnancy kit from the pharmacy store. These kits can easily be made at home using natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen or local stores near you. They are cheap to make and do not take much time for preparation.

Home-made pregnancy tests can be made as per your convenience and can be used whenever you need.

Prep Up. Drink a lot of water so that your bladder gets full. Take the test when you feel the pressure and urge to urinate. Use the first urine of the morning, for the best results. This is becuase it is more concentrated than the urine passed later.

1. Bleach Pregnancy Test.

It is a reliable method and gives quicker results than other tests. Collect the urine sample in a container and add bleaching powder to it. Mix it properly in order to avoid the formation of lumps. If the mixture starts to foam and fizz, it means that the result is positive and you are pregnant. If there is no foam, it means that you are not pregnant. Please note that you should not be present too close to the bleach as the fumes are harmful and can make you feel dizzy as well as nauseous if inhaled. If you touch the mixture by hand, make use of concentrated soap solution to wash your hands.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test.

It is one of the easiest DIY tests. It was widely used before commercial pregnancy test kits were introduced in the market. Take a bowl and add about one tbsp of sugar and then one tbsp of urine sample in it. Notice the reaction of the sugar to the addition of urine sample. If the formation of clumps starts to take place in the sugar, it suggests that you are pregnant. If, on the other hand, the sugar dissolves quickly in the urine sample, it means that you are not pregnant. The presence of hCG hormone, if you are pregnant, does not let the sugar dissolve in urine.

3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test.

Any toothpaste that is white in colour can be used to determine the state of your pregnancy. For this, take about 2 tbsp of toothpaste in a bowl and add the sample of the urine to the same bowl . The positive result will correspond to the toothpaste changing its colour and turning blue or frothy.

4. Vinegar Pregnancy Test.

Vinegar too can help in detecting your pregnancy. For this test, you need to use white vinegar and a plastic container. Take a little quantity of vinegar in the container. Add the urine sample to it and mix it properly. You may notice the formation of bubbles while mixing. Let the solution stand and observe the change in colour. If the vinegar changes its colour, the result of the test is positive and you are pregnant.

5. Soap Pregnancy Test.

This another commonly found item in the household which can be used for determining pregnancy results. Take a piece of soap big enough to hold in your hands. Pour the urine sample on the soap and observe the reaction. If the formation of bubbles takes place, it means you are pregnant. If not, the test result is negative. 

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