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Dining Outside: Before And After Kids

Remember those days when going out for a nice dinner or lunch didn’t require a lot of planning? Those days when you didn’t have to carry a whole bag of supplies just to head out to relax… Or more specifically the days before you had a baby. Of course, you love your baby and they mean the world to you but you can’t help but think about the days when going out was all about being free and bonding with your partner.

Now, you need to plan well in advance, spend more time making sure your little darling is eating properly, cleaning up any spills or spit up and apologising to the waiters. Ah, so blissful! We have prepared a list of many such instances in our life that has changed since having a baby:

#1: What you’re gonna eat!

Before: Ordering the specials on the menu

Back then, we had the luxury of getting to order anything we liked - even the occasional chef’s special. The best part was how we got to eat it all by ourselves, spare a spoonful or two for your partner.

After: Eating your child’s leftovers

Now, your child is going to order something that they claim they will definitely finish up. Once the food arrives, they will end up eating from mommy and daddy’s plates, leaving their leftovers for...

#2: Making an exit...

Before: Casually leaving the restaurant when you are done

Once upon a time, all you had to do at the end of a meal was called for the bill, grab some saunf/refreshment, leave a tip for the waiter and walk out feeling happy and satisfied.

After: Scurrying out of the restaurant

Throughout your meal, your child has been making a scene. When the waiter comes with the bill, apologise profusely, bow your head deep down into your chest or stomach and scurry out quickly.

#3: Spotting moms with kids

Before: Judging other moms with noisy and messy toddlers

In those days before you had a kid, a noisy kid would cause you to spin your head around to stare and gawk at the kid. If they are spilling their food, you quietly judge the family for that too.

After: Showing sympathy towards noisy and messy toddlers

If you spot a fellow mom in the restaurant with a child who just won’t quit crying, you give them a quick nod to her letting them know that you totally get it.

#4: Waiting for the waiter

Before: Take your time, Jimmy!

We have all had those nights when the waiter takes about 10 minutes (or more) until they finally take our order. But he waiting time didn’t matter before - it just gave you more time to bond with your husband.

After: Get here now, Jimmy!

We may be patient but our hungry toddler sure isn’t and that makes us impatient too. They will cry out loud till they get their meal, disturbing everyone else at the restaurant. So why don’t you take our order first Jimmy?

#5: Making plans after dinner

Before: A party? A movie? A ride around town?

We used to be cool before, making spontaneous plans right after enjoying a nice, satisfying meal with the husband. You couldn’t even think about heading back home on a Friday night because that is just too boring.

After: Head back home and get some sleep

We don’t get to make plans after dinner anymore apart from heading home, changing diapers and clothes, singing a lullaby and kissing our babies goodnight. Not that we are complaining here - snuggly, cuddly nights in with our babies are to die for.

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