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Nipple Discharge: What Do The Colors Reveal?

Nipple discharge is a condition in which the breasts show signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It is a common condition that happens to most women during in their reproductive years. It doesn’t matter if they’re pregnant or if they’re breastfeeding, this condition is common among all women.

In this condition, the nipple emits a peculiar fluid which can be removed by squeezing the nipple or applying gentle pressure on the breasts and pushing the fluid out. It could also end up seeping out on its own but this might take a while.

Symptoms that indicate you have nipple discharge:

The texture of the discharge could vary. Some women might experience thick discharge while other may have thin discharge or even sticky discharge. Anyhow, it all depends on the body’s functioning and internal conditions.

The following symptoms might help you understand if you have nipple discharge or not:

-Tender breasts

-Lumps and swelling around the nipples

-The nipples change color and texture

-Itchy breasts

-Redness on and around the breasts

-Size of breasts change (one breast is bigger than the other)


-Missed periods


What are the different types of nipple discharge?

The severity of discharge is dependent on the following factors:

1.Spontaneous Discharge:

If your discharge comes out without squeezing, then you need to be concerned about it. Check for these fluid deposits in your bra and your night clothes. It could be a symptom of malignant breast cancer which needs to be examined by a doctor immediately.

2. Color of your discharge

Many women have reported that they have seen and experienced various colored discharge spilling out of their nipples. Here are a few colors of discharge and what they could mean:

-Green: chance of cysts

-White, cloudy, yellowish filled with pus: Breast or nipple infection

-Cheese like or brown: blocked milk ducts

- Blood filled discharge: breast cancer

-Clear: Prominent sign of breast cancer only if it is oozing out of one breast only

3.The ducts

Upon squeezing, if the fluid oozes out of multiple ducts of the nipple, then it is still safe. But if it keeps oozing out continuously from one spot, get it checked by a doctor immediately.

Does this mean you have breast cancer?

Breast cancer can cause nipple discharge especially if the site of origin is inside the milk ducts. If you have breast cancer, the discharge will come out of only one breast and you’ll also notice the formation of lumps around your nipples.

Anyhow, having a discharge doesn’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. Only about 3-9% of women who get themselves checked by a doctor actually turn out to have cancer. But this doesn’t mean that you ignore these signs. 

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