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Different Positions Of A Baby In The Womb

While in the womb, babies tend to move and change their positions quite a bit. This happens because they are continuously growing and need to adjust themselves to their environment. Ideally, the baby should position themselves so their head comes out first. Their head would be facing your back thus allowing you to give birth safely. However, babies don't always have room for movement inside the womb. Following are the possible positions of a baby in the womb on the due date:

Breech Position

Breech position is when the baby’s feet or bottom are close to the birth canal. Many babies are born in this position. Doctors may ask you to perform a c-section as delivery in this position may harm your baby. They may also try to change your baby’s position instead through a process called aversion. You may then give a normal delivery.

There are 3 types of breech positions: 

1) Complete breech

When the baby's bottom and feet are close to the birth canal and their knees are bent.

2) Frank breech

When the baby's bottom is close to the birth canal and their legs are stretched against their body with their feet up near their head and near your ribs.

3) Incomplete breech

When the baby's bottom and one of their feet are close to the birth canal and the other foot is up.

Posterior Position

This happens to babies as well. This is a type of cephalic presentation itself (the ideal position) but instead of facing your back, your baby would be facing your stomach. If you go into labour with your baby in the posterior position, it could strain your back instead of the usual abdominal cramping during delivery. This would cause severe back pain after a prolonged delivery.

Anterior/Head-Down Position

This is the best position for delivery. This is a type of cephalic presentation where your baby’s head would be facing your back and close to the birth canal. Their legs when extended would be close to your ribs.

Transverse/Horizontal Position

The transverse position is when the baby is lying horizontally in the uterus. This is a rare occurrence - only one in 2000 babies are born in this position. This happens when the baby does not have sufficient space in the uterus to position themselves. Mothers would have to opt for a C-section delivery to ensure a safer delivery.

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