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Did You Know These Unique Ways Of Styling Your Dupatta? - Video

Dupatta, chunni, chunari or odhni - No matter what you call it, one has to admit that this piece of clothing will elevate your salwar kameez or your lehenga to the next level. Whether you’re really hoping to impress your relatives and friends with your awesome dupatta stylish skills for the wedding season or your just bored of wearing it the same old way, you’ve come to the right place. 

In our effort to fuse western culture into our ethnic wear, we tend to skip out on dupatta because how exactly do you use it? Well, fret not because the video below gives you not one, not two, but six different ways of styling your dupatta! These are not only easy but also super unique and ones you probably never thought of.

Video credits - gulz_beauty (Youtube Channel)

Here’s a breakdown of different styles:

Apart from the styles mentioned in the video, dupattas are also being used as a headgear, belt or a sash. When you’re hunting for a dupatta, keep in mind that georgette and chiffon or silk dupattas are amazing to be paired with simple kurtas. In fact, most models on the runway these days pair a simple cotton kurta with a heavily embroidered banarasi dupatta which is super elegant and pleasing for the eyes. If you wish to wear your dupatta on jeans then it’s best to go for geometric or asymmetric prints that are full of bright colours.

The most amazing thing about a dupatta is that there are no rules as to how one should wear it. In fact, the fun lies in the fact that you can experiment with different colours, fabrics, length, shape and even structure.

Are you left wondering how such a simple piece of cloth can be used in so many different ways? Do let us know in the comments if you found this video useful by posting pictures of how you style your dupatta!

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