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Did You Know About These Benefits Of Having Sex During Your Periods?

Benefits of having sex during periods

There are many unconventional misconceptions about the menstrual cycle in our society. People are often blinded by age old beliefs when it comes to periods. You must be familiar with facts like the blood which is ejected out of the body is not impure and it doesn’t make you pious either! Yeah, you read that right ladies.

One of the other common myth is having SEX during your periods is bad for your body. Apparently, it was said that they make the men impure and unholy!! But on a serious note, people still don’t know the real health benefits of having sex during your periods.

Benefits of sex during periods

Listed below are some crazy health benefits of having sex during your periods:

1. Menstrual cramps are painful and every woman dreads it. But if you have sex during this time, you’ll actually feel much better. The hormones ‘oxytocin’ and ‘dopamine’ are released during this time and they make feel relaxed and physically relieved. It helps in reducing the cramps.

2. Sexual intercourse during your periods will help you overcome any negative thoughts in your mind about your partner.

3. Having period sex can actually help you reduce the duration of your period cycle.

4. When you’re on your periods, it awakens the inner goddess in you. This is exactly why you suddenly feel fabulous. Seeing you happy will make your husband feel happy too. Hence your man will be instantly drawn towards you.

5. If you feel like getting more intimate with your husband, having period sex is a great idea! During this time, the sex will help you to act your deep passionate emotions all over your man.

6. Another reason why period sex is great because there is almost no chance of pregnancy. Your body is eliminating the unfertilized egg and it takes at least 3 days to get washed out. So, even if he leaves a few traces of his sperms inside you, fret not, you won’t get pregnant!

7. You do not even have to use different lubricants during sex because there is enough fluid in your body to keep your body wet throughout the period.

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