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Did You Know?- The Right Massage Can Soothe A Crying Baby

The main way babies communicate is by crying. All babies cry and some cry a lot. When you are a new parent and your baby is crying inconsolably, you will be ready to do almost anything to stop that agonizing cry of your baby. Though there are many ways such as swaddling, warm bath, rocking, and breastfeeding, to calm your crying baby, the method which is constantly appreciated is infant massage. Infant massage is a lovely way to express your love and care for your baby by providing soothing and comforting feeling for the baby. If you are unsure about how to offer massage to soothe the crying baby, we have got a scoop.

Why do babies cry?

Crying is the way for your baby to ask for care and comfort. But as a new parent, it is difficult to find out the appropriate reason for your baby’s cry. Here are some of the main reasons why your baby could cry:

• Hunger

• A dirty or wet nappy

• Too cold or too hot

• Tiredness

• Sleep Deprived 

• Boredom

• Overstimulation

Soothing crying baby by massage:

When your baby is over-stimulated and crying at the top of his voice, all you need to do is become a masseuse and offer a loving massage to your baby. Massage not only soothes your crying baby but also helps in developing a bond between the mother and the baby.

• At first, find a quiet and warm place. If you are unable to find an absolutely quiet place, at least find a place where it is not too loud or too much stimulating for the baby.

• Place your baby somewhere stable where the baby doesn’t roll onto the floor. If the screaming and crying session occur in your house, you can try massaging with some naturally-derived massage oils such as olive, grape seed, coconut, apricot, canola, corn.

• Place the baby on his back and maintain eye contact with him. If you are outdoors and can’t get him naked, take off his jackets, shoes and let the baby know it is massage time.

• Once everything is set up, start the massage with a gentle touch. This is to make sure your baby is into the whole idea of massage time. Gentle massage also calms and relaxes the baby and also it will help in calming and relaxing the mother as well in the process. As you start massaging your baby, make sure you keep talking to him because your baby needs a connection with you. You baby is yearning for your touch and your voice. This helps the baby to calm down.

• Slowly stroke and knead each part of the body. Make your baby sleep on his tummy and massage each part of the body such as the neck, head, shoulders, upper back, waist, thighs, feet, arms, and wrists. Observe how your baby is responding to the massage. If your baby seems to enjoy it, continue the massage. If your baby is turning their head away or acting unhappy, probably you are annoying your baby more. You should stop massaging now and try it out later.

• Shift your baby to the previous position (make him sleep on his back). Extend and flex the arms and legs individually and both the legs at the same time.

• With your baby sleeping on his back or belly, keep repeating the rubbing motions for another five minutes.

How infant massage work?

Infant massage positively affects the infant hormones that control stress in the babies and this helps in reducing crying. According to a study published in “Infant Behaviour Development” journal, a massage therapy over a period of five days for a small randomized group of preterm babies reduced stressful behaviour in them.  

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