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Diarrhoea In Babies - Cause, Symptoms And Cure

It’s important to know what’s considered normal when it comes to pooping in babies. Newborns tend to poop a lot, generally, after every time, you feed them. Their poop also changes texture according to their diet. Breastfed babies have it a little less solid than when they start consuming food. This is why it may get a little confusing to determine whether your baby has diarrhoea or not. If you notice that they suddenly start pooping a lot more than usual, along with a sudden change in the texture, then it’s possible that they might have diarrhoea.


The causes of diarrhoea are endless. Your baby could have a viral or bacterial infection. A bacterial infection could be accompanied by cramps, bleeding while excreting and in some cases, even a fever.

If your little one has been sick for a while and is on medication, the antibiotics could be causing the diarrhoea. The medicines are strong and are killing the bad and the good bacteria simultaneously in his intestines.

Consumption of certain foods could cause an allergic reaction in your baby and lead to diarrhoea. These could be foods like nuts, fish, dairy products and the likes. If not a food allergy, they might just have a food intolerance, like a lactose intolerant patient. This is rare but not unheard of.


If you find your little one to be vomiting more often ( different from spitting up), it could be due to the diarrhoea. They could also be running a high fever. Diarrhea causes dehydration so if you find your baby to be crying without dropping some tears or if the skin around their mouth becoming dry, it could be the diarrhoea. Blood in stools is also a common symptom of diarrhoea.


While your baby is removing everything you feed them, it’s easy for them to get dehydrated, making the situation worse than it should be. Giving them a constant supply of water could ease out their health. Yoghurt is also a must for when your baby has diarrhoea. Avoid giving them food with artificial sugars in them such as juice. Also, to maintain physical hygiene, change their diapers regularly to avoid inflammation and irritation from the constant stools.

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