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Diapering Tips For Babies This Summer

My day starts and ends with my baby - I wake up to my baby’s smiling (or sometimes crying) face and the last thing I do before going to bed is kissing my little one goodnight. Throughout the day, I pay extra attention to anything that concerns my baby and I’m sure a lot of moms out there are the same way too.

During summers, your baby needs a tad more extra care. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way when my baby came down with a very bad diaper rash last summer. Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks that changed the way I looked at diapering my baby. Now, I’m fully armed and prepared for the summers to make sure that my baby is rash-free and happy. Here’s what I’ve learnt:

Choose the right size of diapers

The blazing hot sun could cause your baby to sweat in the waist area and around the junction of the thighs - i.e., the places that diapers touch your little one. So don’t tighten the diapers or use the same sized diapers that you were using when your baby was a newborn. I’d suggest you to try out a few different diaper brands and sizes to see which one your baby is most comfortable in. Click here to browse through all the diaper brands and pick the ones of your choice.

Baby powder to the rescue

Never has powdering your baby been more important than in the summers. I always apply a generous amount of baby powder on my baby’s bottom during the diaper change. This will give the baby that much-needed cooling effect that she craves during summers. It also helps prevent diaper rashes. Click here to get baby powders at amazing discounts.

No-nappy time also helps

Now that my baby is not a newborn anymore, I know all about her pooping habits. So, it’s easy to anticipate when she would poop or relieve herself. By keeping this is in mind, I ensure that my baby is not always clad in diapers. At least, for a couple of hours in a day, babies need to be diaper-free. Let the cool air caress your baby’s bottom to get rid of the moisture and prevent rashes.

Change diapers frequently

The topmost cause for diaper rashes in babies is unattended, spoiled diapers. Keeping a dirty diaper on, not only makes your baby extremely uncomfortable but is also a very unhygienic practice as it could cause various infections on top of skin allergies. As a thumb rule, I always check the diaper when my baby shows the first sign of discomfort and change it immediately.

Pro tip: Stock up on diapers when they’re on sale. Most commercial diapers have no expiry date so you don’t have to worry about wasting any of them.

Apply a diaper-rash cream

If your baby is prone to rashes often or is already having a rash, a diaper-rash cream/ointment is a must. I found that applying something as simple as petroleum jelly on my baby’s tush every day helped keep the rashes at bay. This is because the cream will act as a barrier between the baby’s skin and the diaper.

All of these tips help me take better care of my baby during summers and I’m sure you too will have a happy, giggling baby on the diaper changing table in no time! 

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