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Diaper changing becomes an everyday affair with infants. But just because it’s done every day doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. It takes practice to become a pro at it. Both parents should practice the diaper change together - you can even have a competition on who is more efficient at it. When you turn diaper change into a game, it will seem less mundane. You can rate each other on how well you clean your baby up, the proper disposal of the used diaper and the technique of putting on the new diaper. You could even time each other as to who’s able to remove the diaper and clean the baby up faster. In fact, research shows that women take 2.5 minutes to change the changer whereas men take an average of 1.5 minutes. 

Now, all that said and done, there are a few rules you should follow when changing a diaper. There are a few things you should not do so that your baby doesn’t get a rash. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

List of do’s for diaper change:

1. DO: Keep a fixed diaper changing station

Choose a designated space in your house for changing diapers. This way, the spreading of germs would be reduced. Preferably, keep this changing station closer to a bathroom so that you can wash your hands immediately after. Avoid keeping the changing station anywhere near the kitchen or dining area as it is very unhygienic.

2. DO: Wipe from front to back

To prevent any urinary tract infections, always make it a point to wipe from front to back, especially in case of girls. For boys, wipe the penis to remove any remnants of faeces or urine. Do take note of any changes in the appearance of their skin during a diaper change.

3. DO: Clean up the diaper changing station

After every diaper change, make sure to disinfect and clean up the diaper changing station. Clean out the diaper changing mat and the surrounding areas. Also, keep fresh wipes, washcloths and diapers ready at the station for the next diaper change.

4. DO: Wash hands afterwards

Babies tend to wriggle around a lot during the diaper change so they might spread the poop from their diapers to their body. This is why you should clean them up quickly after removing the diaper. So, after the diaper change, make sure to wash your baby’s feet and hands. Wash your own hands after this.

List of don’ts for diaper change:

1. DON’T: Use harsh soaps

Simply wipe them clean with a sponge and some warm water. Avoid using soaps as they can strip your baby’s skin of moisture that keeps it soft and healthy. If the water alone won’t do the job, opt for a baby wash rather than using soap.

2. DON’T: Run out of diapers

Always keep a good stock of diapers at home. Newborn babies will go through a minimum of 10 diaper changes in a day. So, plan the stock of diapers accordingly. You should buy a new stock whenever you have less than 2 days worth of diaper supply. Buy and store diapers for an entire week.

3. DON’T: Be spontaneous

You have to be ready and prepared for the diaper change well beforehand. Keep the changing station clean and keep all the necessary items within reach. You shouldn’t have to leave your baby for even a second. Keep one hand on your baby at all times. If you leave your baby to grab some extra tissues or wipes from the cupboard overhead, you could put your baby at risk of falling off the changing table.

4. DON’T: Make it too tight

If you put the diaper on too tight, it will not leave any room to breathe. It could even leave marks on our baby’s skin and even make the skin sore due to all the wriggling that babies do. To avoid this, keep it at a comfortable tightness leaving enough room for your baby to move and wriggle around happily.

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