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As a parent, you would know your child the best. If you feel like something is off, trust your instincts and opt for a consultation. Doctors usually create timelines with a wide frame for deviation for the development of babies. These timeframes tell you what to expect from babies at what age. Once you familiarize yourself with what’s considered normal, you can compare it to your child’s behaviour. The wide margin for deviations is given so that some babies can have the space to develop in their own time.

Some studies have concluded that 10-15% of children under the age of 3 have developmental delays. It could be learning difficulties, physical development difficulties and the likes, and early intervention makes a huge difference to them. Most difficulties disappear by the time your child reaches school.

As a parent, you may notice certain physical delays such as the delay in crawling or walking, while all other children his age seem to be doing it. You may also notice certain lingual delays. They might have trouble understanding simple expressions or may unable to communicate their desires to you. Certain premature babies do require more time to develop when compared to a baby with a normal delivery.

Causes of developmental delay

One of the reasons that your child may not be able to cope with other children his age could be Down's Syndrome or other medical disorders. It could be the result of a serious accident or could even be a genetic condition. If your child has a speech delay, it could be due to complications in the vocal chords or organs such as a dysfunctional larynx or hearing impairment. These are usually associated with a central nervous problem. Visual problems may be harder to detect as a parent, because your child may not be able to communicate his discomfort easily. This could be checked at regular clinic check-ups for babies.

Consulting a doctor

If you’re familiar with the general chart of development and are uncomfortable with your child’s development, consult a doctor. It would help if you could make a list of instances that made you feel like your child may have a developmental delay. This would assist your doctor in diagnosing the problem correctly. If your doctor gives the all clear card and you’re still unconvinced, do not hesitate to opt for more opinions from experts. Remember that some disorders can be treated so catching them early would be the perfect remedy. 

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