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Deepika Padukone And Mom Seen Wedding Shopping!

Photo: Google Images | The mother-daughter duo were featured as themselves in an advertisement.

Actress Deepika Padukone and her Ram-Leela co-star Ranveer Singh have been in the news for a while, due to rumours that they might be engaged to each other. In fact, it is also thought that they will be tying the knot at the end of this year, around November or December.

The location of the wedding is unknown as of now, and fans are wondering if it will be a destination wedding like Anushka Sharma’s or a Mumbai wedding like Sonam Kapoor’s. Amidst these reports, Deepika was seen leaving a jewellery store in Mumbai with her mother, apparently after a jewellery shopping spree in preparations for the upcoming wedding.

The Mother-Daughter Bond

Deepika is known to often visit her mother when she is on breaks. The mother-daughter bond between Deepika and her mother is one that has been observed a lot, on and off-screen.

Especially with her wedding reportedly around the corner, the mother-daughter bond between Deepika and her mother is only likely to get stronger. The bond between mom and daughter around moments like these always becomes important and starts to take the centre-stage in both, mother and daughter’s lives.

From when girls are little, their mother is their role model and everything they want to be. A mother is a central figure in both, a daughter and a son’s life, but as the kids get older, more so in a girl’s life. A mother is a girl’s best friend, fashion advisor, confidante, and pretty much her world.

A mother introduces her little girl to her first stick of lipstick, and as she grows, prepares her for the onset of her menstrual cycles. Soon, mother and daughter start to bond, not just as mother and daughter, but as friends who can talk to each other and rely on each other. From bonding over a cup of tea in the morning, to going shopping or to the movies together, mother and daughter can be inseparable.


Weddings are happy occasions, but they almost always end with a mother and daughter crying as they tell each other how much they will miss living under the same roof and being able to spend time together.

The Deep-Veer wedding is one that is anticipated by fans. Of course, Deepika may be seen spending more time with her mom in the coming months so that she can have as much time as possible with her oldest best friend before her big day.

The sight of Deepika Padukone bonding with her mother over wedding shopping definitely gets us thinking about our moms and how much they love us. After all, your mother has probably always been your partner-in-crime, through it all.

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