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December Edition: Trending Names For Baby Boys

Every mom undergoes a phase of confusion when they're thinking of a name for their baby. There are so many things to look out for when it comes to naming your baby. Before you zero in on a name, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions:

-Does the name sound good with the surname?

-Does the nickname/ shortened name sound good?

-Does the name suit the adult version of the baby?

-Does your partner too approve of the name?

But don’t let it keep you away from thinking about a sweet name for your little baby. You might have already got a bunch of names from your friends, neighbors and even family members! How about you give it a thought on your own? Sounds exciting and more fun, doesn’t it? Here are the most trendy names for you baby son so take your pick and give your son the name they were born for!!

1.Rishabh (Rishi)

He will grow up to be a man of morals and superiority. A man who will be loved by all for everything he does. Immense recognition and prosperity shall come his way throughout life.

2.Zidan ( Zee/ Ziddi)

Your baby is all about the growth factor. He will lighten and brighten people’s lives wherever he goes. He will grow up to be the one who helps everybody even in the darkest hour. He will make a progress and his life will be skyrocketing always!


It means scholar and the tested one. It denotes strength and valor. Parikshit was the Son of Abhimanyu( oldest son of Arjuna). Hardwork and dedication are the prime qualities of this name.

4.Sameer (Sam)

It is a classic Hindu name which means early morning, wind, fragrance and the entertaining companion. With a Sameer in your life, you have no reason to feel low for he’ll always make you laugh.

Your baby son making you smile...isn’t that what all moms want to feel!

5.Agasthya / Agastya (Aag)

Named after The Great Indian Saint, a mythological character from The Mahabharata. Just like the kno of wise man he was, your baby will follow his footsteps and walk towards glory and success in his life. The name Agastya is so powerful and fierce! Why wouldn’t you want to name your baby after someone so fierce and bold?!

6.Ayushman (Aayu)

The name means heaven and long life. Two best and the most positive things to name your child after. Your baby is God’s gift to you and why wouldn’t you want you baby son to live a hundred years!

7.Danish (Dan)

It is a universal name which means wisdom. Your baby will grow up to be a very smart child and a quirky adult. Danish is known to be a great entertainer and a person who can tackle any situation in a smart way.


It has traces of the Greek culture. It is a Greek name which means ‘ God is my help’. He was a Biblical character who was Mother Mary and Martha’s brother. He was brought back from the dead 4 days after his death by Jesus Christ. Lovely miracle, isn’t it? You son will be miraculous and very lucky too!

9. Hans

It is a very masculine name in the European culture. In the Indian context, it means a swan! It has a very emotional and a sensitive side and it is a unique name for a boy in India. Just like a swan, your baby boy will transform into a beautiful and wonderful soul, just like his mommy!

10. Nakul

Wouldn’t you like to name your baby after the Great Lord Shiva!? Nakul was also the name of the 4th Pandava. With such strength and immense dedication, your baby son is likely to be the one remembered in toughest of times. He will grow up to be your strength for life.

Now that you have some inspiration, go on then...what are you waiting for!! Give your baby the name they deserve! 

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