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Death By A Balloon: A 2-Year-Old’s Tragic Story

On 16th of April, tragedy struck in Abudakkar Siddiq, a painting labourer’s house when his young son was declared dead at 11:40 am. And the cause of his death was a balloon.

2-year-old Nawaz went out to play with his friends early in the morning at around 7:30 am. He returned to his home in Chikkakammanahalli (near Hulimavu, southeast Bangalore). Nawaz’s mom Reshma noticed that Nawaz was having problems breathing. She immediately rushed him to a hospital nearby. By then, Nawaz had fallen unconscious. The doctors at the hospital advised Reshma to take Nawaz to a bigger hospital and after an unsuccessful attempt in another hospital, she finally admitted her child in Apollo hospitals in Bannerghatta. Around an hour or so after the child was brought to the hospital, he was declared dead.

When the doctors asked the mom about what could have caused it, she was clueless. After conducting an X-ray and an ECG, the doctors found clots in his heart. Even his physical appearance - the boy’s face and fingers had turned blue, suggested that there was a foreign object obstructing his airways.On further examination, a piece of the balloon was found in his lungs.

The mom later recalled that Nawaz was gifted a balloon and it burst while he was playing. The doctors then declared that Nawaz had swallowed the balloon which resulted in oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) and ultimately result in an innocent child’s death. It was also said that if the child was treated early, he could’ve survived.

This only goes to show that there is no such thing as too much precaution when it comes to children. Anything and everything is a choking hazard. Make sure to always keep an eye out when your child is just playing or even sitting. Teaching them right from the start about the things that need to go inside the mouth and things that shouldn’t, will go a long way. Share this with other parents to make them more aware. 

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