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Dear Husband, Are You Ready For This?

Your husband, as silly as he may be, can sure get out of a sticky situation. This adorable ad from Vodafone is an apt example of a situation that only daddy dearest can figure out.

dad with son tying dhoti

A little boy gets dressed up for a fancy dress at school. Obviously, it is the mother who’s dressing the little one up. The dad has just one job, to walk the boy up to the bus, and of course, disaster strikes.

When the bus is but a stone’s throw away, the kid’s costume falls apart. The loincloth (or dhoti) that he was wearing is now wrapped around his ankles. The look of innocent helplessness that the kid gives his dad at this point is priceless. So, the dad does what any respectable parent would do - try to fix the mess.

He tries his best to wrap the dhoti as expertly as possible. But in vain.

Then suddenly he gets an idea and does exactly what any person with a smartphone in this day and age would do. He opens a video on youtube on how to wear a dhoti. With the kid holding up the phone, he proceeds to wrap the dhoti expertly on his kid. And successfully at that. Pleased as punch, the dad and son duo get up and walk towards the bus proudly.

So we guess that the moral of the story is that you don’t need much to be a super dad these days, just a fast internet connection is enough.

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