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Dealing With Working Mom's Guilt

As a mom, the society can make you feel guilty when you even start thinking about heading back to work. But pursuing your career and doing what you like shouldn’t make you feel bad. It should, in fact, make you feel absolutely fantastic especially when you consider how your job will enable you to provide for your family. When you feel down about your job, there are a couple of things you should remember:

1. You made the right choice

Whenever you start to think that you might have made a mistake, remind yourself why you started. Whether it was for financial reasons or because you wanted to pursue your career, set your foot down firmly on your decision. If you are leaving your child with a caretaker while you are at work, trust that you made the right choice in hiring them. Believing in your own decisions will only make your life easier.

2. Give others a chance

There are going to be times when your child has a big event/show at school and you have a big meeting at the office. You don’t have to compromise on either. Simply ask your partner, your best friend, your child’s grandparents or any other relative/friend to fill in for you. This would give your child an opportunity to get to know their relatives/your friends and for them to spend time with your child. They could drop your child off at school, help them rehearse and prepare themselves for the big show. Have them take a lot of pictures and videos of the event so that you can relive the performance again at home.

3. Pick your battles

During those times when you have to choose between work and home life, you should weigh them out and see which one you could skip. If your little one needs you in the morning, then leave a few minutes late in the morning to drop them off at daycare and get them settled. You can stay at work a few minutes extra to make up for it.

4. Let your feelings out

Sometimes, choosing between work life and family can be hard. There will be days when you have to choose between doing the right thing and the sensible thing. If you feel emotional or frustrated, know that it is okay to feel sad and angry. What you should avoid is to keep those feelings pent up. Let it out and talk to a friend about it.


5. Count your blessings

When you are feeling down, remember to always count your blessings. Not everyone has a family and not everyone has a job. Work life may get hectic but in the end, it makes all those struggles worth it - there is no denying that. So, stay positive and keep hustling hard.

6. Few will try to bring you down

No matter what you do, there will be people who try to bring you down by telling you that what you are doing is not right according to their own sense of righteousness. Again, these are points where you have to remind yourself why you started working. As long as you have sound reasoning and a strong standing for why you started, nothing can stop you.

7. Don’t let it get to you

There’s no denying the fact that there will be a hell lot of pressure - both at home and at work. Children may be too young to understand why you aren’t spending time with them on weekdays. Plan family outings over the weekends or simply dedicate Sundays for family quality time. This way, your child would know that you are doing your best to divide your time between them and work. Despite this, there will be days when you feel down - especially when your child cries about not getting to spend enough time with mommy. The best thing to do is to talk to your husband about this. He is a working parent too and will be able to understand your frustrations.

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