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Dealing With Miscarriage: A Complete Guide

dealing with miscarriage

Sorrow, anger, grief, anxiety and stress are amongst those millions of emotions that you might be experiencing at the moment. The fact that you are reading this page gives us an idea of what you might be going through. Our heart goes to you when we wish you the best in recovering and dealing with miscarriage. Everything might appear meaningless at this time, but keep up the hope; you will be better soon.

You are not alone in this. More than 50% of pregnancy ends to miscarriage. And 85% of the cases who have had a miscarriage before result in successful pregnancy. Conceiving after miscarriage is not as hard as you might have thought. There are certain pieces of information and ways that you might be interested in exploring while dealing with miscarriage.

Table of Contents

What Is A Miscarriage?

What Are The Causes Of Miscarriage?

How Do I Know If It's A Miscarriage? Miscarriage Symptoms

Dealing With Miscarriage - Your Emotional Well Being

Conceiving After Miscarriage- How Much Time To Wait?

Possibility Of Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

How To Prevent Miscarriage


What Is A Miscarriage?

Loss of pregnancy within first 20 weeks of gestation is termed as miscarriage. Medically it is defined as spontaneous abortion on its own. About 15-25% of confirmed cases of pregnancy end up in miscarriage. The figure goes as high as 50% when we take unconfirmed pregnancy in account. Miscarriages are most likely to happen in first trimester only, chances of its occurrence post first trimester are rare.

What Are The Causes Of A Miscarriage?

There are varied reasons for miscarriage; however, it is difficult to identify them with certainty. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the most common cause of miscarriage relates to the genetic problem of the fetus (chromosomal abnormality). Other causes of miscarriage include:

‣ A certain medical condition of mothers such as thyroid or diabetes

‣ Uterine abnormality

‣ Cervical insufficiency (weakness of the cervix)

‣ Age of the mother (over 35 years)

‣ The earlier history of miscarriage

‣ Ectopic pregnancy

‣ Lifestyle (drugs, alcohol, smoke etc.)

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How Do I Know If It’s A Miscarriage? Miscarriage Symptoms

‣ Vaginal bleeding progressing from light to heavy discharge

‣ Painful contraction happening every 5 to 20 minutes

‣ Severe cramps and abdominal pain

‣ Back pain

‣ Fever

‣ White-pink mucus

‣ Vaginal discharge showing clot-like material

Please seek medical advice immediately if you are witnessing any of the above signs and symptoms of miscarriage.

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Dealing With Miscarriage - Your Emotional Well Being

Help yourself to heal

We all as humans respond differently to a sorrow. Some of us recover faster ad some of us take longer. However, whatever may the situation, allow yourself to accept the loss and give yourself the requisite time to recover. If you are dealing with a feeling of guilt than please come out of it. There was nothing in your control and you are not the reason for the miscarriage. In fact, miscarriage is something that has happened to you, you have not caused it.

Stay close to your spouse

Do not feel surprised, if you find your husband reacting differently to the loss. It is his way of dealing with miscarriage which might not be the same as yours. If he doesn’t cry or look depressed, it doesn’t mean he is not dealing with the grief or he is uncaring. Probably he is trying his way to cope up with things. If you still feel he does not understand your situation than speak to him and explain, he would definitely understand.

Take good care of yourself

While it is perfectly ok to feel sad and depressed over the loss, what is not ok is to stop yourself from moving forward. It is easy to succumb to sorrow and it takes courage to keep going. And you need to keep going, there is a bright future waiting for you. So take care of yourself. Eat well, take rest, hang out with friends, do something that makes you feel good; a movie, a play, a book; anything that can enhance your mood. In the beginning, they all might seem pointless’ but you need to help yourself. In a few months time, you would start loving yourself again.

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Remain optimistic for the future

If you and your partner are dealing with miscarriage, you might feel this to be the end of the world. However, this is not the truth. Look beyond your present. There are very high chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy if this is your first miscarriage. Even if you have faced multiple miscarriages, you can always discuss this with your health care provider and explore alternative ways of parenthood. After all, parenting is not only about delivering.

Seek help while dealing with miscarriage

Whether it’s for breaking the news of miscarriage to the relatives and friends or its for you to feel better; if you think you need help then do ask for it. Get in touch with someone you are close with; a friend; a cousin or someone else. Ask that person to tell it to others so that you do not have to deal with a discomfort. Seek professional help or counselling to help yourself and your partner recover from the loss while dealing with miscarriage.

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Conceiving After Miscarriage - How Much Time To Wait?

Your gynaecologist should be able to guide you better if you are planning to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Normally, it is always advised to give few months break to your body and your emotions to recover from the loss. After all, dealing with miscarriage is all about time. Usually, the uterus is said to have recovered once you start getting your menstrual cycle regularly. Just to be on the safer side; a doctors consultation is needed so that she could check for any specific situation. By specific situations, I mean some pieces of the placenta that might be left in the uterus. In such situations, she might ask you to wait for a little more time which is perfectly fine. This would only ensure higher chances of you getting pregnant after a miscarriage

Possibility Of Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

Pregnancy after a miscarriage is very much possible. About 85% of women who have an earlier history of miscarriage give successful births subsequently. If you are experiencing repeated miscarriages i.e more than three in a row, you should consult your healthcare provider. He should be able to find out the exact cause of miscarriage so that recommended treatment could begin. A miscarriage doesn't necessarily indicate an issue with your fertility. You are very much on right track and there are high chances of you conceiving after miscarriage.

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How To Prevent Miscarriage

Sadly, there is nothing much that can be done to prevent miscarriage, since the most important reason for miscarriage relates to a chromosomal abnormality. However, it gets extremely vital that you ensure yours and your baby’s well being after your conception is confirmed. This will highly reduce chances of miscarriage occurring due to poor lifestyle and environmental factors. At Least you will be able to avoid some of the known causes of miscarriage. Therefore,

- Eat well when you plan to conceive and post conception too

- Exercise regularly to keep your weight under control

- Take folic acid if you are planning to conceive and other supplements under your doctor's guidance

- Stay away from smoke and drugs

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Dealing with a miscarriage can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. You might be witnessing millions of emotions at once. This is perfectly normal. Understand yourself and give yourself ample time to recover from the loss. Explore ways discussed in the article above to help you sail through the setback.

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