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Dealing With Heat Flashes During Pregnancy

A hot/heat flash, as the name suggests, is a sudden feeling of heat, generally in the face; More specifically, it occurs in the cheeks. It happens when the blood vessels underlying the skin dilate in order to cool themselves, which may make you break out in sweat also. Heat flashes are most often experienced by pre-menopausal women; However, it is very common to experience them during pregnancy as well, so don’t worry if you’ve had a few!

Hot flashes, during pregnancy, are most often felt in the face, neck, and chest regions. They’re as common and volatile as mood swings, so don’t let their frequency, or lack thereof, worry you too much! When talking about hot flashes during pregnancy, they occur most often during the second and third trimesters. In some cases, they may continue for a while after childbirth as well. The reason these occur is currently thought to be a consequence of the fluctuating hormone levels in the body coupled with the increased metabolism during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the level of the hormone oestrogen tends to fall. This decrease is more pronounced in the second and third trimesters as well as the period after childbirth, due to which hot flashes are most common in these periods.

How Does One Deal With The Heat Flashes?

Hot flashes can often make it difficult to sleep due to the heat and sweating. They can also put you in a lot of discomforts during the day when going about normal activities. Therefore when we talk about dealing with these hot flashes, the focus is evidently on combating the heat. So how do you beat the heat and stay cool when you’re experiencing a hot flash? Here are some ways of cooling down that many women have found effective:

Fan Yourself:

This is the most obvious, executable, and immediate solution - fan yourself or crack open a window to let the air in. Switch on the fan or an air conditioner or cooler as this will help reduce your temperature externally and make you feel a little cooler. It can help get rid of the sweat and cool your skin from the surface which can help reduce any discomfort that you may be feeling.

Cold Water:

Drinking cold water or sucking on an ice cube has been found to be a blessing by many a pregnant woman. It mainly helps because it cools your body down from the inside which then projects on the outside as well.


Drinking a lot of water can help prevent hot flashes as it regulates your body temperature and keeps you hydrated. Hot flashes may also be a result of dehydration which is something that is commonly seen in pregnancies but which can be easily combated by drinking enough water every day.


Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Stay indoors or step out of the house at that time of day when the sun is not out or shining on you. Going out in the sun can induce hot flashes as it will heat up your body, thus triggering your body to attempt to cool down. If you do go out when the sun is out, try to stay shaded and covered.


Following a healthy, balanced diet can help reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. Many foods that are spicy or heat creating in nature can tend to lead to hot flashes. For prevention or reduction of these hot flashes, it’s best to avoid pickles, chilli, as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and other similar triggers of hot flashes.


Taking deep breaths will help you cool down more than panicking, so try doing that. Go for a short walk to get some air and cool your body down.

There isn’t much to do to make them not happen but these few things can help reduce the discomfort you may be feeling when you’re experiencing a hot flash.

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