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Toddlers are moody, cranky, and fussy. They are laughing one moment and crying the other. It is a grim job to deal with their fluctuating emotions. Well, a great amount of these mood shifts is a normal part of the process of growing up and should not be thought of as misbehaviour, although to you they may be noisy and frustrating. We are here going to help you understand the reason for toddlers being so unpredictable and give you some of the best ways to deal with their ever-changing mood and teaching them how to take control of their emotions. Below are listed some reason for this behaviour by the toddlers and how you should react to them.

1. They cannot clearly communicate their needs and wants

Toddlers who have barely started to speak have an extremely limited vocabulary and the world around them is enormous. Put yourself in their place and try to explain everything in the fascinating, and forever changing the world in just the 20 words you can speak. You must have realized how hard and frustrating that can be and that is the struggle your kid goes through all the time.

You might not straight away figure out what the child wants, so stay calm and then try to help your kid by picking up things that he or she might possibly want while saying its name loudly. This will expand their vocabulary and next time they will call it by name.

2. Controlling emotions is a trouble for toddlers

Even adults feel overwhelmed sometimes and have no idea what they are feeling, so when a toddler fails to control his or her emotions, it is really not their fault. They lack logic and reasoning abilities that adults possess and hence are swept away by strong feelings and changing emotions and moods.

Stay calm and tell your child to relax. Help them in identifying the emotion they are going through, like angry, sad, fun, happy, etc., and suggest them some alternative activity that can be done. It will take time for them to identify their feelings themselves and connect them to words, so you have to be patient with it.

3. They cannot switch tasks instantly

Kids have a keen concentration and devote all their focus to the task they are currently doing. When you expect them to change gears instantly, it breaks their attention making them cranky. A sudden transition can take a toll on an adult mind so expecting a smooth switching from toddlers is too much to expect.

Tell them what is going to happen next, so they know what to expect. Do not startle them with a sudden change in their routine. They have an understanding for sequence and a change in pattern can disrupt their calm. This can be eased by small warnings that you should give while talking to them. This way they will be aware of the changes and develop coping skills.

4. They get hungry and tired

Running around the house all day and playing with their toys for hours drains them of all energy. And with all that ever-shifting attention it is hard for them to sit at a place and eat a full meal. This leaves them perpetually tired and hungry, and this is why they act all moody and start to cry at the slightest discomfort.

Keep healthy snacks handy and feed them at short but regular intervals. This gives them a quick energy boost and keeps their tummy full. It will lift their spirit and you will not have to worry about their crankiness anymore. 

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