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Dangerous Newborn Photographs That You Shouldn’t Try At Home!

Who doesn’t love seeing photos of cute babies on the internet? Especially ones in which they are in adorable poses! But these aww-worthy photos take a lot of effort and there’s a team of professionals that work hard to get such perfectly timed photos. You might be tempted to recreate such pictures with your baby too, but it is advised that you don’t because what you see in the photo is not exactly what happens behind it.

Here are 5 such poses that are extremely dangerous and should not be tried at home at any cost! 

1. Arms crossed

Since a baby’s head is heavy and their neck muscles do not have the strength to support the head, a professional holds the head and then their hand is photoshopped off the camera to get the photo.

2. The sling

Babies look wonderfully cozy, bundled up in slings. This photo is actually done by taking two different photographs and then photoshopped together. In this first one, the baby’s sling is kept on a neutral toned chair or a bean bag and in the second one the sling (without the baby) is tied to a branch. That’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

3. Head in hands

This is perhaps the most commonly seen baby photo on the internet. If you’ve been wondering why your baby isn’t able to sit like that, the photos above might have given you a clearer idea. First, the baby’s head is held in place and then the baby’s arms and held in place, the two photos are then combined together to get the final result. All of this is a delicate procedure and should not be attempted with a newborn without professional help.

4. Sitting upright

Similar to how newborns can’t balance their heads on their necks, they also can’t sit upright. For this, the parents help in holding the baby in place just for a few seconds and then they are photoshopped out of the picture.

5. Using props

Using different things like baskets, books and even a guitar for the baby to sit or sleep on is extremely dangerous as there’s always a risk of the baby slipping or falling off. The parents are again present in the process of taking these photographs but you can’t see them. Did you know that heaters are also used to keep the baby warm during such photo shoots?   

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