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Cute Video: This Little Girl Cannot Wait To Meet Her Dad at The Airport!


A parent-child bond is very strong and important. Watch how a little daughter reunites with her father! 

We never truly appreciate the sacrifices for the country our soldiers make. The benefits they receive are pretty much nil considering that they have to leave their loved ones behind and fight constant battles. They miss countless birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, important moments of their children's or spouse’s lives.

The life of a soldier isn’t an easy path. From eating little food,  extreme weather conditions to losing friends and battling mental stress - it’s pretty rough for them. Soldiers sacrifice their life to protect the country they love the most. Sometimes, this can be a huge burden to bear.

In the end, love can be always found even in the gloomiest of times. Happy times do come around for soldiers, no matter how little times they do occur.

So, when Senior Airman Ron Durbin got to come home after being away from his home for seven months, he was excited to finally reunite with his family. As soon as he got off his plane in South Dakota in May of 2017, he had a surprise waiting for him. His wife, Alison, and his 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter Adalynn were holding a hilariously accurate sign.

Alison was definitely ecstatic and anxious at the same time. She couldn’t wait to see the love of her life. Yet, their little toddler was very confused as to what they were doing at the airport. Despite not knowing why they were there, she was enthusiastically standing with the sign given to her by her mother. It funnily read: "I'm here to get my dad - just don't know cause I can't read yet!" This adorable two year old - who hadn’t seen her father for seven months - had no idea she was going to meet him very soon.

Passengers and workers were both happy, touched and even teared up a little bit. This is because they realized how hard it must be for a soldier to be away from the family. How the family must wake up everyday, hoping to see their father or mother at home.  

When Adalynn saw her father she was extremely happy to have him back. She ran into his arms and gave him a hug. Seeing her husband and daughter embrace, Alison teared up as it had been so long that either one of them had seen each other or had been together.  

Adalynn continued to hug her dad and giggled happily. Ron was equally happy to not only hug his precious one but also happy that he is finally home.

Watch how the family reunited in the most sweet and emotional way:

It’s brave how soldiers suffer some sadness in life and still protect our country with all their determination. 

May the universe give them these fleeting moments of happiness a lot more - makeing them smile. We hope that soldiers everywhere remain strong by remembering that someone out there loves them!  

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