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C-Section vs. Belly Birth: Which One Do You Prefer?

As pregnancy is a wonderful experience, giving birth is equally a beautiful time. From getting your first test, ultrasound, food craving, morning sickness to your first contraction - there are so many things that women go through that is nothing compared to the lovely life they are welcoming. At the same time, there is much things that require major decisions like medications and the final way you will be delivering.

C-sections are not usually the popular route that mothers-to-be have to taken when welcoming their baby into the world. This is one of the many things that causes stress and struggles in women who are in the process of giving birth.

Popular opinions

Recently, many mothers have stated that they feel much comfortable to use the term ‘belly birth’ when compared to the term ‘c-section’.

Jordan Grissom is 28-year old health coach from California. She is a recent new mother who has started this worldwide movement, giving all kinds of delivery equal importance. All women are unique in the end! Flor Cruz is also 34 year old mother of four, birth/postpartum doula and childbirth educator from California. The two have been actively trying to spread the global message to invite importance to the lovely fact of motherhood regardless of what kind of delivery they have had:

“To me, the term ‘belly birth’ is exactly what a C-section is. You’re birthing your child through your belly. There are many women who feel as though they’ve failed by having a C-section, and that’s just not the case. Using the term “belly birth” pushes the point that we, too, have given birth. It’s just more inclusive.” says Jordan Grissom.

“[it] doesn’t respectfully pay homage to everything a family endured to get their baby here safely. ‘Belly birth’ connects the mother more to the baby instead of the connecting her to the surgery aspect. It reminds the mother and others that a birth happened, not just a surgery. It humanizes the mode of delivery and puts the family right back into the driver’s seat.” says Flor Cruz.


So, what is the difference?

The option of a c-section reflects a picture of a mechanical and surgery related assistance for delivery. People, in general, have now started to see it as a sort of stigma - especially among women who are going to deliver. A c-section has also been equated to an unreal delivery that is not the ‘correct’ way of delivering your little one or a way of ‘cheating’.

Changing the term from ‘c-section’ to ‘belly birth’, thus, has some credible benefit. There is proved psychological magic created by the change, something that is ignored many times in the sensitive time of pregnancy or delivery. A more positive effect like the change of terms increases a mother’s confidence to give birth.

In fact, scientifically speaking, your body usually tends to negatively react (physical stress included) to the term ‘c-section’. It is very important to notice that any way you bring your baby into the world is a beautifully natural process - no matter what!

You need a lot of independence and strength to share with the future family you will be taking care for. An added struggle like like using the term ‘c-section’ will clearly not assist you to safely and healthily deliver.

Replacing the term ‘c-section’ and giving it a literally ‘gentle’ and normal sound, creates an open dialogue of thoughts. This, then, helps in sharing opinions that are needed to be discussed at the time of delivery - not causing any more unneeded anxiety.

The term change also gives importance or significance to the whole aspect of giving birth and pregnancy, There is an emotional and motivation boost that should be needed at a sensitive time of delivery. The very wonder of bringing such innocence into the world is a beautiful thing about motherhood. As there is already enough amount of anxiety present, the term is genuinely going to create even more struggles for the new mommy-to-be.

Why don’t you try it yourself ladies? If you’ve given birth recently (by c-section or not) - the unspecificity of the term ‘belly birth’ might be the perfect booster of the pride and love you are already feeling! 

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