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Create The Right Environment To Fulfill Your Child's Cognitive Needs

When we sit down to work, we wouldn’t like it if we were disturbed every now and then by loud noises or if the environment wasn’t right. If we think back to our school days, we had struggled with this when we tried to study for an exam too. We needed a calm, peaceful environment in order to study properly. The same applies to our kids as well. Aside from making sure that they have all the right tools and guidance to learn, you also need to make sure that their learning environment is optimized for maximum learning.

Different environments will encourage the child to pick up different skills. If you engage them in a one-on-one talk, they may learn and mimic your expressions, body language and the changing tone in your voice. Their learning experience would be heightened in a classroom where there would be many students learning together. They will be able to discuss the lessons with each other and learn better.

It is a proven fact that classroom learning is the best way to learn. You gain insights from so many students and would be able to know where you stand. Generally, classrooms are well-designed learning spaces with all the necessary material (books, maps and other objects) required for them to learn.

When your child is still learning at home, you have to create an optimum learning environment at home by providing them with all the right learning tools.

 - During their toddler years, they may need blocks, colouring books and toys to build their motor and cognitive skills. Engaging in small talk with your toddler will help build their vocabulary too.

 - Once they grow older, you can give them more sophisticated learning tools. This can include books (to learn the alphabet, animal names, numbers, etc) as well as clay and crayons to express their thoughts. You can even sign them up for different kinds of classes so that they can build multidisciplinary skills.

 - Children can learn more efficiently when there are fewer distractions around. So make sure that the study room is filled with all kinds of learning material. You can even put up some motivational quotes for your child.

 - The colour of the room is also important in order to maximise your child’s learning capabilities. Young children would learn better in brightly coloured rooms as this will help them focus and pay attention to detail. However, bright colours (like reds and oranges) might be overstimulating for the older kids. You can make use of lighter colours like blue and green for the study area.

Setting up the right environment for your child to study is one thing. Helping them find their passion is another. For a bright and happy future for your child, it is best to figure out where their interest lies as early as possible. Aviva India’s new initiative Kid-o-scope provides an assessment which will help you figure out your child’s strengths and inherent abilities to help decide what career best matches them. Click here to take the test.

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