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Coping With Stress During And After Pregnancy

The nine months of pregnancy are a life alternating experience. From food cravings to morning sickness, the rollercoaster ride is easier said than managed. With the mums working during pregnancy, the occupational stress is common and the rat race to be the best is taking toll on maternal health.

Pregnancy stress:

Before dwelling on this topic, let's understand stress. Your animal part of brain is conditioned to two responses in case of an unfavorable situation: Flight and fight. After facing prolonged stressful situations, your body adapts itself to instances of symptoms like headaches and hypertension.

A happy environment is necessary for a soon to be mommy and the baby. The stress a mother experiences presents itself in form of preterm, miscarriage, post term complications or even create teeny weenie babies.

The stress takes toll on your health and weakens immune system. So you become more susceptible to diseases like common cold, flu,etc. This causes you to feel lethargic and deprived of energy to fulfill your social and familial duties. Headache, indigestion, breathlessness and muscle pain remind you of the toll the problem has on your health.

The perception, personality traits, past experience, self image of the pregnant woman can emerge as a cause of stress. However, genetic factors largely impact your and your baby's reaction to stress. Further, family support can help eradicate the aftermath of job demands.

Simple stress management initiatives can prove beneficial for the health of the baby. For this walking, meditation, yoga and good diet can prove to be cost-effective and safe solutions. Further, having a day out with friends, family or a movie date with hubby can be another stress relieving experience. The hormonal transition causes stressful marital relationships or may even put your emotions on an overdrive.

Post-pregnancy stress:

Motherhood is a sweet phase and you receive all kinds of advice on being a good mom. But in reality, being the supermum is stressing.

Post pregnancy stress leading to postpartum depression hit more closer home, with the numbers rising every day. The cause include lack of support, confusion, feeling of worthlessness, hormonal imbalance and prolonged periods of stress. Such an incident is harmful to the mother- baby relationship and health. The moment these baby blues turn two weeks old consult the doctor. Further alarming signs include: lack of interest, irritable nature, bad dreams and lack of sleep.

The baby may take the showstopper role and increase your job demands as a mother so seek the reversal of duty once in awhile. This will help baby bond with Daddy dearest and relieve your burden considerably.

Strategies for Coping with stress:

The causes of stress can be both internal as well as external for the Mommy dearest. The coping mechanism is unique to the genetic traits yet a few common techniques are listed below:

1. Take it easy.

2. Avoid the problem or stressful situation (if possible).

3. Take a balanced diet and talk to your physician.

4. Seek help (it is easy) from friends and family.

5. Remember: Baby comes first and exercise.

6. Adopt the change and keep calm about the upcoming challenges.

7. Meditate.

8. Go on a date.

9. Eat chocolate (yummy).

10. Find a hobby or write a diary.

11. Get that beauty Sleep.

12. Counselling and psychotherapy are saviors.

13. Communicate with your partner.

14. Get that much awaited massage.

15. Avoid smoking and intoxicants at all costs.

16. Antidepressants (on prescription).

Happy parenting and remember to Relax! 

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