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Conversations You Must Have With Your In-laws

Being a newlywed or a bride to be in a sea of strangers is difficult. Even if you are well aware of the in-laws beforehand, still it would seem difficult to start up a healthy conversation instantaneously. It is always difficult to sustain the conversation without being updated about the parents-in-law and their views on you.  

So, here we discuss few things you can talk to your 'family’ about:
1.Neutral icebreakers

 Polite conversations about neutral topics like TV show, Favorite games, weather, etc. can help you bond well. Further, you should avoid discussing the religious and political views until you understand the family fully. This will help ensure that their sentiments are not hurt. Ask them out for a family picnic or day out. Those getting married into different religion/culture can ask questions about the way celebrations and traditional values of the family.

2.Enquire about your partner’s childhood

 For both of the in-laws, this question can bring back fond memories of the childhood of your partner and you can bond well over a cup of tea. The in-laws will be all too happy to share the antics and find you a comfortable person to bond with. Ask for baby pictures of your partner and enjoy a fun-filled day watching your partner through ages. ( And chance upon the nerdy teeny looks he carried).

Inquire about their expectations of you: Every parent nurtures hidden desires about their children. Hence as a child seek their advice on the daily problems like marriage shopping or gift buying. They will be all too happy about the same and love you for your care. Share with them hints of your desires and wishes as well.

3.Enquire about their hobbies

A both polite as well as the neutral question, understanding the things that interest your in-laws will become easier. They will be happy to share details of their adventures and you may even participate with them to strengthen the bond. If you both share the same interests then soon the bond will convert into eternal friendship. (Partners in crime, *wink!*)

4.Discuss the extended family

 Again a good topic about the life and interest of the extended family will open before you the glorious past and the roaring achievements of the clan. The proud MIL or FIL will feel better instantly about you and report you as a 'nice kid’.

For those facing their future in-laws for the first time can benefit from the following tips:

-Dress traditionally

-Buy a gift or bring in home cooked specialty

-Spend time together by going to shopping or casual outing.

-Research on likes and dislikes

-Ask your partner for help

-Compliment them about their choices

-Never ever complain about their baby

-Avoid public display of your love with their kid as they would still be coping with the new developments.

-Communicate and relax (Remember to smile)

-Politely answer questions for they may be all too excited or nervous to understand you. (If conversation goes out of hand, assert yourself).

-Follow up with a phone call and thank them for their love!

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