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Conversations You MUST Have Before Having A Baby

Babies truly are a gift in our lives. Just looking down at the tiny life you created makes you feel warm inside. Your heart skips a beat everytime they smile and you find yourself smiling whenever their eyes meet yours. They are so innocent and depend on us for every little thing. They depend on you for their very existence and survival. This is why you must look into everything and ensure that your house is ready for the baby long before conception. Here are some of the conversations that you must have with the husband before having a baby.

How many kids

The first conversation to have with the hubby is about how many kids you both want to have. Perhaps one of you wants to have just one kid and the other wants to have 2 or more kids. You could come to a conclusion by noting the pros and cons of having a single kid or more than one kid but more importantly, you should discuss whether you would be able to support more than one kid financially or not.


Sharing responsibilities

A lot of things will change when a baby comes into the picture. Having a baby means increased responsibilities. Parenting is a big deal and your little one is going to count on you for everything for a pretty long time. So, it is important to discuss who is going to do what beforehand. This includes everything - right from diaper changes to dropping them off at school. It is ideal that you divide your responsibilities equally so that neither of you feels burdened later on.

Vaccine conversation

Perhaps one of you have a fear of using the needle or maybe one is against using certain vaccines. If both of you agree to it, well and good. If you don’t, it is best that you seek expert advice on what is best for your children. Keep an open mind, have a discussion, and talk to other people to fully understand the subject.


Piercings for daughter

This is another point that many couples often debate about. There are some who say that they shouldn’t pierce an infant’s ears because the little girl wouldn’t have a chance to decide if she wants a piercing or not. There’s also the added fear that they may feel pain and won’t be able to express it properly or worse - they may get an infection due to the piercing! Others say that because the baby girl won’t remember the pain, it’s probably better off that way. Once again, write down a list of pros and cons for both scenarios, and get a third person’s opinion if necessary.

Educational loans

Your baby will grow up and start going to school one day. They will even join college to try and carve out their own life story. To fulfil their dreams and to help them meet their goals, they would need quality education. For this, you should have a plan ready for their education.

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