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Contraception Methods - Hormonal And Non-Hormonal

There are so many different methods of contraception available that we are often left confused on which ones we should use. Pills are super convenient for spontaneous nights of passion but regular consumption of these birth control pills can be harmful to our system. Other methods can cause discomfort and some would say that it even reduces the pleasure. So, which contraceptive method is meant for you? Find out by reading the comparisons made below:

Hormonal methods :

Hormonal methods imitate the lady hormones (progesterone and estrogen) and help ward the pregnancy risk. These methods prevent pregnancy by making the fertilisation difficult either by preventing ovulation to progress or stopping the sperms midway (these mimic your natural hormones and order body to fight the invasion of the sperms).

Types hormonal contraceptives:

1. Highly effective method with 96% positive outcome

2. Safe and reversible effects


1. High cost

2. Lower protection against Sexually transmitted diseases

3. A doctor's visit is just to avoid any negative impact.

4. They need to be taken prior to the sexual encounter (so goodbye to that surprise romantic evening)

Non-hormonal methods:

The hormonal methods are characterised by moderate side effects like nausea and irregular periods, etc. Therefore, over-the-counter options in form of non-hormonal methods are more suitable.


1. Easy to use

2. Suitable for occasional sexual encounters

3. Inexpensive and easily available

4. No prescription required

5. Safe and without any harmful side effects


1. Not as effective as hormonal methods

2. Not suitable for menstrual flow

3. Reduced sexual pleasure as you may not feel comfortable wearing these options.

For those who are wary of trying out for these options may assert their man to wear a condom or opt for outercourse (largely depends on your self-control)

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