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Constipation during pregnancy is one of the most common conditions that women face. The hormonal changes are one of the reasons you become constipated during pregnancy. 

1. An increase in the hormone called progesterone is the reason because of which you have to deal with constipation. This hormone relaxes the smooth muscles of your body, including the digestive tract. This causes the food to pass through the intestine very slowly. 

2. The consumption of iron supplements, dehydration, lack of exercise is also some of the reason that causes constipation.

3. But in the late pregnancy, there are other factors that cause constipation like stress, enlargement of the uterus and pelvic pain.

Home Remedies for Constipation:

Let us go through some easy home remedies to avoid constipation during pregnancy and to give you relief.

1. Consuming water and juices especially Prune can help to soften tools and it is also safe during pregnancy.

2. Walking for short period of time and little bit of stretching under the guidance of an expert can give you some sort of relief,

3. Including enough of fibre rich foods, fruits, vegetables - salads, whole grains are some super foods that help to boost your digestion. 

Below are some fibre rich foods:

a. Beans - Include all types of beans in your diet like kidney beans(rajma), chickpeas, black beans, black-eyed beans etc. 

b. Wholegrain and wholemeal - whole wheat, corn, bajra, jowar, makkai, barley, ragi etc

c. Vegetables - Broccoli and cabbages are a very good supplement to avoid constipation. 

d. Fruits - Include as much as fruits as possible except pineapple and papaya.

4. Nuts - All types of nuts are very healthy and nutritious. It has lots of fibre which helps to have easy digestion.

5. Dried fruits are also beneficial and healthy.

6. Oats - Porridge made of oats is also a great source of fibre. 

The above home remedies are very effective, although it is important to consult your doctor before starting any remedies during pregnancy. 

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

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