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Common Summer Illnesses In Newborns!

Now that the sun has come out in full force, every new parent is bound to have about a million questions regarding how to take good care of their baby in this killer heat. From dietary changes to changes in your baby’s clothing requirements, you must have already bought *ALL* the summer clothes and bookmarked summer food recipes for your baby. However, what you should also be keeping in mind is that summer is called harsh for a reason- it brings a host of illnesses, which your newborn can fall prey to, if not taken good care of. But worry not, we want you to be prepared for whatever comes your way always and have therefore curated a list of the most common summer illnesses that affect newborns:

1. Dehydration:

Due to the hot sun and the enormous amount of sweating, your baby may get dehydrated,  especially if he/she has been in the sun for too long or hasn’t taken in enough water or other fluids. This can result in high fever.

2. Sunburn:

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive. Think of what the sun is capable of doing to your grown up skin and it won’t take you much time to realize the harm it can do to your baby’s skin!

3. Boils and blisters:

Babies might even get boils in some parts of their body in very hot summer months, which can be painful and make them feel very uncomfortable. Seek medical assistance if this happens with your baby.

4. Mosquito-borne diseases:

As winter bids us adieu, so do the nice mosquito free months! Mosquitoes bring with them a number of very serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Use mosquito repellents in all forms that are safe for the baby at all times of the day for maximum protection. Also, use mosquito nets to cover your baby’s sleeping area.

5. Waterborne diseases:

Just like mosquitoes breed in the warm summer months, so do bacteria and viruses. Water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, jaundice, dysentery, etc., can affect your baby if they consume untreated water, which is not common if you’re outdoors. Always carry a bottle of clean properly treated water for your baby if you’re stepping out of the house in the summer months.

6. Allergies and rashes:

Your baby may get heat allergy or sun allergy in the summer months. Also, they can get rashes or prickly heat on some parts of their bodies, which is, again, a source of great discomfort.

Try to keep your baby adequately covered, but not uncomfortably so, in the summer months. Keep them away from crowded places, especially in the summer months, as these places can be very unhygienic and your baby may contract some diseases or infections if there is too much exposure. Also, always ask your baby’s doctor about their summer fluid requirement and summer skin care essentials!

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