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Common Newborn Health Problems Every Parent Should Know

There are plenty perks of motherhood, but what comes first, is filled with fright and constant anxiety. Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride as the first few months can become super hectic for a mom. But then babies are so tiny and so dependent on their mommy for literally everything, so it is bound for mothers to be stressed and anxious all the time.

Newborn babies are tender and delicate as their bodies are just getting used to the new environment around them. Their immune system is developing, but slowly. So, none of their health problems appears minor to moms as they could flip into a major health complication! 

Therefore, moms are forever on their twos, ready to head to the doctor in case of anything. If you’re a new to motherhood, here are few important health problems you should be aware of:

1.Abdominal Swelling

Most newborns are born with a protruding belly, but if the belly feels swollen and hard, during the feeding sessions, try to gently rub their belly. Most probably, it is just the accumulation of gas or constipation. But if it still persists, it may be indicating a serious underlying condition.

2. Birth Injuries

If you had trouble while giving birth, chances of your baby being injured in the process are high too. Most newborns recover quickly from these injuries. However, some birth injuries like broken collarbone, forceps mark, muscle weakness might take longer than usual. So, consult a doctor as soon as possible to get help immediately.

3.Whooping Cough

It is super normal for your baby to cough in between feeds, but if your baby has been coughing continuously, it might be a sign of respiratory illness or something isn’t right in the digestive system. If your baby gags a little too often in between feeds, consult your baby’s doctor on an immediate basis.

4.Bluish Skin

Babies end up having bluish skin after birth and it is a very normal thing to happen. The bluishness might appear on the hands and feet but they go away with time as the pinkness of their skin comes back. But if these blue marks appear near the mouth and tongue when your baby cries, you should take your infant to the hospital as soon as possible, if the skin color doesn’t go back to being normal.

5. Respiratory Diseases

Although preterm birth may lead to respiratory ailments, newborns take at least a few hours to breathe normally but once they have learnt how to, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to breathe. But if you notice the signs like-

-Flaring of nose

-Blue skin color which doesn’t go away

-Grunting while breathing

-Rapid breathing

You can use saline drops to unclog the blocked nasal passageway. But if the problem continues to persist, your baby needs to visit the pediatrician immediately.


Fever is a sign from the body that you’re fighting off infections. So, fever isn’t really a major problem. However, if your baby is running high fever (102 F), you must take her to the doctor as soon as possible because persistent high fever could lead to seizures. 

7.Ear Infection

It is a commonly occurring infection amongst little babies. If you see your infant tugging her ears and is acting fussier than usual, then it may be a sign of ear infection. Bacterial infections can be treated with a strong dose of antibiotics but viral infections easily go away if the baby is given the right medication at the right time.


Babies are prone to experience diarrhea, so you needn’t worry so much about it. Just ensure that your baby is well hydrated throughout the day so that the chances of diarrhea are less.

9. Rashes and Skin Problems

Babies have sensitive skin as compared to adults. So, your baby is more likely to develop skin problems like diaper rashes and cradle cap.

Cradle cap:

It is a common skin condition which most babies suffer from. To prevent this, moms can use mild shampoos on the baby’s scalp every day.

Diaper rash:

Red and painful bum is every mom’s and baby’s nightmare. Hence it is recommended to have a fixed schedule of changing your baby’s diapers. Always use rash creams and water wipes while cleaning your baby.

10.Oral Thrush

It is a type of infection in which yeast infection spreads across your baby’s mouth. Get your baby checked by her paediatrician to find out if your baby needs to take a course of antifungal medication. 

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