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Cartoon Character Inspired Looks For Your Little Ones

cartoon character outfits

Honestly, I was never the kind of person who read a lot of books. But now I love reading books to Omaira and really hope she will take up this habit because good books surely help you to imagine and explore more, right?

So, yesterday I took her to a book launch. We explored many new books and we ended up buying few snappy Scooby Doo & Minnie Mouse comics as ‘O’ literally pulled the entire shelf down. 

Got so blown away by the characters – Daphne Ann Blake & Minnie Mouse that I just couldn't stop myself and instantly decided to add some dramatic charm to my baby’s next looks. So, let's see what I did.


For Daphne, I checked out various sites and finally picked up this “OshKosh B’gosh” Blue And White Striped Tunic Dress with this Fuchsia Pink Waist Drawstring Belt. I sweetened it further with this White Soft Collared Jacket which I thought was a very chic add-on. I made it even more stylish with a Fuchsia Pink Beret accented with a Blue Satin Flower Brooch. As I am never done with accessories, I added this beaded anklet along with a Deep Blue Strappy Footwear which made her look Wow! Don’t you agree?

This is a look which can be worn in summers as well as in spring times!

Did You Know?

Scooby Doo holds the record for the most episodes of a cartoon comedy series!

Quick Tip: Swirl up the same look with a spectacle (just a frame, no glasses) to twist into another Scooby Doo character - Velma Dinkley, who is prone to lose her spectacles just as ‘O’ is prone to lose her toys (Help me please!).


Getting inspired by these Disney Divas who are always wearing Whites, Pinks & Reds, I dressed her up in this super cute amalgamation of a printed White and Blue "OshKosh B’gosh" Skater Skirt with twin Blue elasticated accents. I feel Skater Skirts are really this generation’s garment as it is flary and loosely pleated – casual, cool and suitable for the daytime. I paired it up with a Light Pink T-Shirt with Dark Green Bands on the sleeves along with a big green embroidered logo on the top left. This cotton based attire is comfortable and breathable as we all know it is hot in summers.️️

I agree these comic character looks are overloaded with drama but that’s the fun, right?

I am sure this makes every parent excited. You ‍can have adventures with your kid while they’re wearing this fun and trendy Scooby Doo & Minnie Mouse look ‘O’ is wearing here!

I would love to know more about any character/story you have idolized.

I promise. Scooby Dooby Doo… I will always be there for you! (Love this rhyme)

Thank you so much for reading.

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See you soon!

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