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Comfortable Clothes For You To Wear During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and an enthralling phase that brings in a lot of physical, mental, and emotional changes in a woman. During pregnancy, nothing matters more than the comfort and the well-being of a woman. Many pregnant women find themselves at a complete loss while selecting their clothes and apparels. Every woman loves to dress well.

During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through a lot of changes. Thus, one should be careful while selecting the maternity clothes. From the fabric to the size, the maternity clothes should be as comfortable as possible. Here is a quick snippet emphasizing on the clothes that one should wear during pregnancy.

You cannot expect to wear the same type of clothes throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. Thus, it is best to select the clothes according to the trimesters.

During the first trimester, morning sickness can leave one tired and fatigued. Wearing an uncomfortable or tight dress will only worsen the situation. Thus, in spite of no significant weight gain or a visible baby bump, avoid wearing a tight dress. Loose, Peplum, or Tunic tops teamed with a loose skirt (however, do avoid wearing body-hugging clothes) palazzo pants or trousers are comfortable and can be worn to the office or the workplace without any problem.

Wrap around dresses (be it tops, skirts or a one-piece dress) are also recommended during pregnancy.

With the second trimester, you start putting on weight and your baby bump gradually become visible. Thus, during this period, choose clothes that will provide the much-needed support to your stomach.

One piece dress such as a Maxi dress, Tunics or a Wrap dress is undoubtedly the best bet. You can also opt for the specially designed pregnancy pants that are made loose at the waist so that the mother and the baby can enjoy their free and unobstructed movements.

Choose your clothes wisely during the third trimester. Avoid very long or frilly gowns and dresses (you may trip and fall). Instead, go for of ankle-length dresses. As already mentioned, the dress that you choose should not be tight or exert any pressure on the stomach.

Some vital tips while selecting the pregnancy clothes

 - While many women prefer bright and bold colours, a light-coloured dress can be quite soothing and is a wise option during pregnancy

 - No matter what dress you buy, always ensure that the material is soft and preferably of natural fibres.

 - Choose your undergarments with utmost care. The fancy bras and panties can wait. Stick religiously to comfortable, breathable, and cotton undergarments that will keep your private parts healthy sans any infections.

 - It is a wise idea to get the dress stitched as per your measurements and comfort.

 - If any of your trimesters falls in the winter season, make sure to keep yourself warm. The warm and baggy sweaters or overcoats are not only comfortable but also stylish.

Always remember, pregnancy is a blessed phase in a woman's life. No matter how much weight you gain, be happy, stay confident and love yourself and your body.

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