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Coffee During Pregnancy: Is It Harmful For Your Baby?

Coffee during pregnancy

If you are about to become a mother then you have to go through a lot of restrictions when it comes to food as well as drinks. To have a healthy baby, a pregnant woman needs to bring some changes in her prevalent lifestyle and her daily diet. So if you are a coffee lover or to be more precise addicted to this beverage, you might be wondering whether it is safe to consume coffee during pregnancy? There will be lots of advice given by friends and relatives to drink or not to drink coffee, while you are expecting. But before trusting every advice blindly, do your own research, or ask your doctor. Even if we assume that it is safe and caffeine effects are not that harmful, do you know what quantity of coffee should you be taking? On the other hand, if coffee is not safe, can you replace coffee with any alternate beverage? Finally, will there be any side effects of coffee on your pregnancy? We know you are worried - don't worry mommies, here we are discussing all the side-effects of coffee during pregnancy as well as how much quantity is considered safe for pregnant women. Read along to get all your questions well answered. 

Table Of Content

‣ Why Is It Not Safe To Consume Coffee While You Are Pregnant?

‣ Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy

‣ How Much Coffee Should Be Taken During Pregnancy?

‣ Does Coffee Have Any Less Adverse Alternate?

Why Is It Not Safe To Consume Coffee While You Are Pregnant?


Drinking too much coffee especially black coffee during pregnancy can make the concentration of caffeine as well as polyphenols in your body increased and thus cause one of the most common black coffee side effects.

‣ During pregnancy, the breakdown time for caffeine present in the body is longer and hence its chances of reaching an unborn baby are very high.

‣ From a pregnant woman, caffeine in coffee reaches the growing baby through the placenta. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of drinking coffee during pregnancy.

‣ The organs of a growing baby being in the stage of developing, caffeine if processed by his body will cause a delay in the development

Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy

Miscarriage due to drinking coffee during pregnancy

A cup of coffee during the morning may seem harmless, but it has few risks associated with it, mostly when you are pregnant. So for a pregnant woman staying away from coffee is the best thing. Caffeine is not safe during pregnancy as it will not only affect your pregnancy but also your baby’s health. Even after delivery, it is always recommended to decrease caffeine intake until it is time for the breastfeeding phase to get over.

1. Miscarriage- If a pregnant woman consumes more than 2 cups of coffee during pregnancy every day, then it can cause a miscarriage in the early pregnancy stages. So avoiding coffee consumption during the early stages of pregnancy (first trimester) is recommended in order to prevent caffeine side effects.

2. Cardiovascular Issues- When caffeine comes in contact with an unborn baby, an increase will occur in the rate of the heart or an irregular heartbeat will be observed due to caffeine effects.

3. Growth Abnormality- The developing brain of a baby will be adversely affected by caffeine in coffee and thus growth retardation will take place.

4. Anaemia- Caffeine is capable of reducing the capacity of iron absorption from the food to the body. As a result of this caffeine side effects, Anaemia occurs which can cause high health risks during pregnancy.

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5. Carcinogenic- If caffeine is present in high calories in coffee, then it can cause cancer in the foetus.

6. Decrease In Baby’s Weight- It has also been proved that if a pregnant woman consumes too much caffeine, then the baby born is lighter in weight. Hence they have a high rate of health issues when they grow up due to one of the disadvantages of coffee.

7. Increase In Gestation Period- Caffeine, if consumed during pregnancy, will increase the gestation period. So if you are a coffee addict, be sure that your pregnancy period will tend to be a bit longer one.

8. Disturbance Of Sleep- Sleep patterns are mostly interfered by coffee. There is a tendency that you will become restless and as a result lack of sleep will have an adverse effect on your health during pregnancy.

9. Dehydration- Having too much coffee during pregnancy will dehydrate your body. You will urinate a lot if the intake of caffeine is excessive.

10. Reduced Iron Absorption- A pregnant woman should make sure that her body absorbs iron properly. But have a large quantity of coffee can also affect the iron absorption in your body which should be prevented during pregnancy.

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How Much Coffee Should Be Taken During Pregnancy?

coffee during pregnancy

It is recommended that if a pregnant woman restricts coffee consumption to 200 mg/day during pregnancy, then it would not be dangerous as intake calories in coffee will be reduced.

‣ So you can drink 2 cups of coffee during pregnancy (each cup of 100 ml) once every day or you can consume one 100ml cup of coffee twice a day, one in the morning and the other during the evening or at night before going to bed.

‣ You should always measure the quantity and drink the only 200 mg of coffee every day to avoid any disadvantages of coffee from taking place.

‣ So you can drink instant, filtered, decaf coffee as well as brewed coffee during pregnancy after proper measurement of the quantity to prevent any complication during or after pregnancy.

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Does Coffee Have Any Less Adverse Alternate?


If you are consuming a small quantity of coffee or decaf coffee, always remember to drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated during pregnancy.

‣ In case you wish to have coffee during pregnancy, drink a latte as the milk present in it will add some calcium as well as protein that are essential during pregnancy. It will also be a perfect alternative to black coffee if you are much worried about black coffee side effects.

‣ If you want that your body gets supplied with vitamins, calcium as well as protein, then include milk along with milk products in your daily diet.

‣ Drinking a glass of lassi will act as a great coolant during the summer months.

‣ Instead of drinking coffee during pregnancy, you can have pure homemade juices of your favourite fruits as it will supply Vitamin C and antioxidants.

‣ You can also reduce your addiction to coffee by adding herbal tea to your breakfast.

So if you have morning sickness, drink a cup of mint tea or ginger tea. Some women are also seen to drink raspberry leaves tea in order to regulate contraction during labour.

So it can be concluded that it is highly suggested to avoid coffee during pregnancy if possible. You should never refrain yourself from asking your doctor about coffee intake during pregnancy. It is always recommended to stay safe rather than be sorry later. Moreover, do not be sad that you cannot drink coffee during pregnancy, rather think of those days when your baby will keep you awake throughout the night and coffee will be your ultimate relief.

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