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Co-sleeping With Your Baby Can Be Dangerous

All of us want nothing more than to be as close to our little ones as possible - physically and mentally. They are forever going to be our main love and at the top of our priorities. This is why we try so hard to provide the best of things to them. 

Sleeping in the same bed as your baby poses a safety risk to your baby. 69% of baby deaths have been caused by sharing a bed with your baby. Many parents do say that co-sleeping has many benefits for the baby. But the health and safety of your baby cannot be overlooked.

Here are a couple of things you should know about co-sleeping:

1. Sharing a bed can be dangerous in many ways

When you share a bed with your baby, you are putting them at risk of suffocation. An unintentional roll over is all it takes - you could be restricting their breath without realising it. Apart from a possible suffocation, the baby may also fall or roll off the bed. This could cause an injury which might have been avoided, had the baby been kept in a well-protected baby cot. You may have been holding them while you fell asleep, but your muscles relax when you are sleeping, causing them to roll off.

2. There are other ways to co-sleep with your baby

Co-sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in the same bed as your baby. It just means sleeping in the same room as your baby. So you could place them safely in a baby cot near your bed and this would also count as co-sleeping. This is better for both of you since you can sleep peacefully through most of the night. When they need your assistance in the middle of the night, you would only have to take a few short steps to reach them.

3. Being a light sleeper does not make bed sharing safe

One might argue that bed sharing is safe since you would wake up the moment you feel your baby rolling off or if you feel like you may be sleeping on your baby. But being a new mom is tiring and it is possible to fall deep into sleep without realising it. Parents who have lost their babies to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) after co-sleeping with their baby have said that they never thought it would happen to them. Besides, you deserve to sleep without worrying about your baby rolling over. So, put your baby in their cot and then sleep peacefully in your own comfy bed.

4. Co-sleeping does have other benefits

Yes, it is true that co-sleeping can benefit your baby’s development. This doesn’t mean you have to put the baby on your bed. Just keeping them in a cot near your bed will do the job. They would be able to hear your breathing patterns and soft murmurs when you wake up. This will make them accustomed to human sounds. If they do face any discomfort, you would be able to help them out instantly as opposed to if they had been in a separate room.

5. You can still keep the romance brewing

You may feel that you can’t keep up the romance with your husband now that your little one is in the room. But this just makes it even more interesting. You get to be more creative about how, when and where you get intimate. Be experimental and make the most of it. This also means that you can try to find moments during the day when you be romantic or even spice things up. Things can only heat up when you need to sneak around.


6. Bed sharing is more common than you think

With all the dangers and safety hazards linked with sharing a bed with your baby, you wouldn’t expect a lot of parents to try it. But statistics have shown the exact opposite. A growing number of parents are blindly starting to share their beds with the baby. In fact, some of your friends or family members might be doing this right now. It is better to inform them about the risks involved before anything untoward happens. 


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