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There are tons of to-dos while preparing for the baby’s arrival and obviously purchasing baby clothes takes a priority. Nothing could get any cuter than those tiny baby clothes but all you will need is practical clothes which could keep your baby warm, comfy and cosy. So, here is a list of clothing basics for your baby’s wardrobe.

Onesies or Bodysuits:

Onesies are one of those Always-required kinds of clothes. They are easy to put on. If you get some stylish onesies, they could be used along with other pieces such as vest, pants, skirt and that makes the outfit the cutest. If you get dark coloured onesies, they could be used as under piece during winter and could be worn individually during summer. So, stock up on these bad boys as they could be used as either everyday baby outfits or as a layering piece whenever required.


Pile up different colours and different types of socks because babies need them to keep their tiny feet warm; when they start walking, they need it to wear with shoes. And as days pass, you realize it is pretty common to lose loads of socks (mostly one of the pairs will be lost) - either after laundry or when you take your little one for a stroll or when you folding the clothes and realize you can’t find its matching pair. So, no matter how organized and confident you are about managing with a few pairs of socks, it is still best to have a good number of and a good selection of socks.

Footed pyjamas:

Losing a few pairs of socks without the knowledge of parents is one thing but when your baby starts to learn to take off his shoes and socks by himself, that is altogether a different story. More than being aware of not losing the socks, your conscience always wants to protect your baby’s tiny feet and keep it warm and cosy. Footed pyjamas could be a great aid in this mission. It protects against your baby pulling off the socks overnight and also protects against the sticky type bottoms when they walk around.


Just like the feet, the head is also a part of which your baby loses the heat from the body. So as soon as your little one is born, it is very common to make the baby wear a warm hat. When the baby’s head is warm, the whole body will stay warm. In summer, they need hats to protect their head from the strong, penetrating rays of the sun. In winter, they certainly need a warm hat.

A Fancy outfit:

Of course, your baby doesn’t wear this fancy outfit every day. But even if he wears once or twice, you will feel it is all worth it when you look how adorable your baby looks in that outfit. So, mommies, go and grab one of those super frilly dresses for your baby girl or a cutest suit for your baby boy and your baby will definitely be the talk of the town.


Overall, either with buttons or snaps, are easy to wear and could be worn with a wide variety of pieces such as onesies, graphic tees, polo shirts, button downs. If the overalls have snaps instead of buttons, it will definitely be easier to get them on your Mr Squirmy Pants.

Graphic tees:

Just like adults, even your kid might be a fan of something or someone such as superheroes or television characters. And like adults who wear sporting t-shirts of their favourite sports team, even kids would like to flaunt their love for those superheroes by wearing the shirts having those characters on it.

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