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Climbing Stairs During Pregnancy - Safe Or Not

Once you’re pregnant, you begin making safer choices in life for the sake of your baby. If you’re thinking about taking the stairs next time to get home, you might have to give it a second thought.

Is it really safe to use the stairs while you’re pregnant?

-Taking the stairs is actually healthy for you but you need to take caution while you’re at it. One of the biggest scares is tripping and slipping while running down the stairs.For your information, if you have even the slightest fall during the early days of your pregnancy, it could lead to miscarriage. In the latter stages, a fall on the stairs could trigger an early labor.

-Once you’re pregnant and the baby bump begins to grow, it comes disables your ability to even look at your feet! So, it increases the chance of you skipping a stair and head for the fall. 

-Moreover, your body’s balance is slightly disturbed as the bump grows in size. It becomes difficult to maintain a balance and the body’s center of gravity begins shifting making it easier for you to fall.

-When you hit the second and the third trimester of your pregnancy, avoid using the stairs as the center of your balance is going to drift and you need to be cautious about what you do.

When to avoid taking the stairs in your early pregnancy months?

If at all your doctor mentions about the complications in your pregnancy, it is safe to use the staircase in your first trimester. But if you have any of the following symptoms, refrain from using it:

1.If you have experienced bleeding in the first trimester.

2. If you have a hormonal imbalance, backache, and cramps episodes, you’re likely to have a miscarriage.

3.If you have diabetes and autoimmune disease, your pregnancy is at a higher risk.

Although it is good for your health and fitness, it is important that you’re safe and so is your baby. 

Here are a bunch of safety tips you must follow in case you’re using the staircase anytime soon:

1.Always use the handrail while going up or down the stairs. At least hold the railing with one hand while you’re climbing for additional support.

2.Ensure that the staircase arena is well lit or has enough light reaching it so that you can see where the stairs begin and that you don’t miss a step and head for a fall.

3.Always walk slowly on the steps so that you don’t skip one while being hasty.

4.In case you have a fall, ensure that you rush to a medical care facility immediately.

If you have more suggestions and tips, feel free to write them in the comment section! 

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