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Clearing the Air - Why You Need An Air Purifier At Home

Water is a life essential and thus, drinking too little water and drinking impure water can both cause health complications. This is the main reason why water purifiers have become an essential product in all our homes. But apart from food and water, there is another basic essential that we all need in order to survive - air. Humans can survive for days without food or water but we cannot survive for more than two minutes without air. Similar to how we can fall seriously ill from drinking water that is impure, we can also fall sick by breathing air that isn’t pure.

The air outside contains a number of harmful pollutants. This includes pollution from vehicles, factories, crackers and even smoking. Passive smoking has even been found to be as harmful as active smoking. But all this pollution is not going to stop us from going outside. To protect ourselves, we use a mask or a shawl to cover our nose and mouth. These masks filter out the larger pollutants in the air, making it only a tad bit safer to breathe.

Now, the air outside may be hazardous to inhale but is the air inside our homes and offices any better? Is it free from pollen, dust, toxic chemicals, smoke, dust and animal dander? Studies show that the air indoors is 10 times more harmful than the air outside. This means that we are safer and better off breathing in the air outside than we are breathing the air in our very own homes.

How do we keep the indoor air pure and safe?

To keep the air in our homes safe and breathable, we need to start by keeping our homes neat and tidy. This means dusting the house regularly and keeping everything spotlessly clean. This is not to say that it will be completely safe from toxins released from air fresheners, deodorants and cooking - it is just the first step to cleaner and safer indoor air at home. Use a vacuum to clean sofas, chairs, rugs and any place that attracts a lot of dust. You would need to vacuum more often if you have pets.

In kitchens, you should make use of exhaust fans and chimneys. The use of exhaust fans and chimneys in the kitchen can help to remove cooking smoke and fumes. You should use exhaust fans in bathrooms as well, which will help expel stale air. You may think that air conditioners clean the air in your homes. This is not true. They recirculate stale air in the room and the filters in the A/C collects a lot of dust and dirt. This is why you should regularly clean and change the filters of the air conditioners or heaters in your home. As a rule, you should not allow anyone to smoke inside your home. This will go a long way in protecting the air quality in your home. You should also avoid using scented candles, agarbattis and air fresheners as they can actually pollute the air in your homes. Avoid using paints that release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as they are hazardous to our health.

After all this, the air in your homes may be cleaner but not completely safe. It will still contain residual dust particles and traces of animal dander. This is why you should make use of air purifiers to cope with the dangerous toxins and indoor air pollution present in your home. It sucks in the fumes released by certain house paints, any pollen that may be present and all the toxic air and then releases purified air for you to breathe.

Clearing the air: Do you really need an air purifier?

The air in your homes may contain dust, pollen, animal dander and mould particles. Using an air purifier, you can help make the air clean and pure to breathe in, making it safe for the whole family. If someone in your home is allergic to any of these particles, then you would need to use an air purifier. If you find that you have been sneezing a lot even though you don’t have a cold you probably need an air purifier in your home. Another reason to use an air purifier is if anyone in the family has a breathing problem, is sick or has congestion. It can also help with those who snore due to congestion.

Before you buy an air purifier for your home, you should ensure that it is the best air purifier you can get. Analysing the requirement of your home vs. the features of the air purifier will help you reach a decision as to which air purifier is best suited for your homes.

We recommend using Dr. Aeroguard’s air purifier which is certified by world-renowned German ‘GUI Lab’ with 360o cleaning technology to ensure safe and pure air supply uniformly across the room. It even comes with an air quality indicator that constantly keeps a check on the quality of the surrounding air. Get a free demo of a Dr. Aeroguard purifier right in the comfort of your home and experience healthy air. To order one right away, click here.

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