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Cleaner Drags 3-Year-Old Girl Into A Parked Bus And Rapes Her

A 45-year-old cleaner dragged a 3-year-old girl into a parked bus and raped her continuously. This horrific incident took place in North Kolkata near Canal (west) road. The rapist continued to rape the little girl even while the girl’s 5-year-old brother kept banging on the doors of that bus. He pleaded the ruthless man to let go of his sister, but all his efforts were in vain.

The brother then quickly ran to tell his mom about the incident and his mom and alerted the neighbours. Once the neighbours along with the mother had reached the spot, they rescued the little girl from the dreadful clutches of that disgusting rapist. They beat him up and immediately called the cops. The girl was bleeding profusely and she was taken to R G Kar Medical College and Hospital. The doctors said that she has been very badly bruised and it will take a long time for her to recover.

The incident took place when the brother-sister duo were playing with a ball and when the ball fell near a parked luxury bus, Sheikh Munna( rapist’s name) took the opportunity and lured the little girl into the vehicle and locked the door behind him. The child’s uncle reported that the brother followed his sister towards the bus but couldn’t do much because the rapist had locked the door.

Their mother who was a rag picker, ran to the with her son and neighbours pulled open the door and what she saw next was heartbreaking. She saw her girl lying on the bus seat and the rapist- Munna had blood all over his hands and trousers. The child’s clothes were torn into bits and she was bleeding uncontrollably.

After arresting Munna, the forensic experts collected the blood samples and stains from the bus and his clothes. The bus has been locked down and seized for carrying out legal procedures.

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