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Children Only Need 4 Things to Be Happy

As a parent, you try everything possible to keep your little one happy. What is it that really makes a child happy? It can seem difficult to understand what a child needs. The reality is that children aren’t that hard to understand. There is always a simple reason why they may have gotten upset or why they may be acting a certain way.  

When they are little, all they need is for their mama and papa to give them love, care and attention. As they grow, they need the same things along with a few other things.

So let us take a look at some of the ways you can keep your child happy.

1. Guidance and Support

You need to constantly remind them how you will always be there for them if they need to confide in someone. They should feel free to talk to you about anything. You should make them feel like they can approach you for anything. This will surely help them in those teen years which can get a bit complicated especially for this generation of kids.

2. Love and Affection

Your child needs your love and pampering even when they are no longer babies. You may be asked to tone it down as they grow up (get ready for “MOM! You’re embarrassing me… my friends are watching”) but you shouldn’t stop showing your affection. A simple hug and kiss on the cheek helps remind them about how much you love them - especially on days when they look glum and say “I’m fine, mom”.

3. Help Them Get Help

When they fall sick, you rush them to the doctor immediately. When they are sad, you buy them ice cream. But what happens when you are not able to make your child happy? What if your child seems to be sad for days together? What if asking “What’s wrong?” didn’t get your child to open up? That’s when you need to take your child to a professional who can help your child. Your child could be depressed and may not even know it.

4. Your Happiness

A child is happy when they see that their parents are happy. Even babies become sad when they sense that their mother is sad. When you are happy, confident and relaxed, your child will be happy too. Remember that you are their role model and that they will always look up to you. So spend some time, focus on yourself and be happy.

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