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5 Children’s Habits That Will Bring Long Term Benefits!

Habits are not developed in a day, neither are their effect seen instantly. Habits, whether good or bad, are developed over time. They are the routine activity performed over a long period of time. And the results are often seen in the long run. 

In the busy world, we often fail to notice minute habits of our child. Especially when both the parents are working. The child, who remains mostly influenced by peers at school or society, learns whatever is cool with other kids of his age. Also, in solidarity, kids tend to spend more and more time on gadgets and internet. But these habits might lay your child to waste. So, it's high time that we parents ensure that our children are developing good habits so that their future, long-term results are good. 

Here is a list of a few such good habits: 

Sleeping Habits:

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is a wonderful phrase everyone is taught in their early childhood days but its significance is never taught. Sleeping early has a lot of benefits. One being, your child will not be engaged with the brainwashing gadgets which are also harmful to brain and eyes. It was found in medical studies that every hour spent sleeping before midnight is of equal significance as compared to each hour slept after midnight. This good habit helps maintain the body's biological clock and also assists in the digestion and circulation system of the body.

Playing Habits:

Always encourage your child to play outdoor games. Invest time to take them to parks, playgrounds, courts and ask them to play whatever is their choice of sport. Not everyone likes all the game, but the list of activities performed outside is so long, that your kid will surely find something of his interest. It may be swimming, basketball, cricket, cycling or any other thing. This will not only help the kid to develop a good physique but will also help them to socialize with other people from the society. Also, they will slowly grow a passion around that sport.

Reading Habits:

If both the parents are working, chances are your kid will find a lot of leisure time. He may either watch TV or play computer games if unattended. these are mostly waste of time. Instead, you can buy them some good books to read. Maybe a good storybook if they love stories, or a puzzle book if they love to solve puzzles. Just make sure that the books that you buy for them are not very difficult for them to grasp. Help them initially to read and understand things, which they will gradually learn to do by themselves. Remember, books are humans best friends.

The Habit of Cleanliness:

Ask your kid right from his early childhood to keep his belongings clean. To throw wastes in dustbins, to inform elders for laundry if they can't do it by themselves, to keep their bed and table neat & tidy. Teach them to keep their shoes and slippers properly and not to throw them anywhere. In the long term, they will be more productive having learned all these habits.

Moral Science:

Since the early childhood itself, make it a habit to share few moral science lessons with your kid every week, if not every day. They will develop their Emotional Quotient better, and will forever remember the lessons that they learned.

In conclusion, all we need to do today is to take little more care of our child, to invest some time in the so that we can nurture them with their habits. The results will be very useful in the long term and it will lead to a better-disciplined life. 

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